Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite – A new Cross-App Management Tool for SMBs


Facebook Business Suite: Facebook has launched a new app for small businesses (SMBs) that have accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Through this app, all these pages can be collected and managed from a single place.

Facebook Business Suite

This is rolled out in response to research that says business owners want a better means to manage activities without disturbing business operations. Read on to learn more about Facebook Business Suite.


Facebook Business Suite

It’s a new mobile app and desktop interface that brings together Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in a single dashboard. Business Suite has the capacity to post, Message, advertise, and insights.

It is created for small businesses (SMBs), but will later be available to all business on Facebook. However, it is clearly launched for small businesses and focuses on simplification of content management across Facebook.

According to Facebook, Business Suite allows users to:

  • Save Time – you can post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time and also manage posts in one place.
  • Stay up-to-date – You get all your Instagram and Facebook messages, alerts, and notifications in one place.
  • Business Results – with this, you can see what’s working with FB and Instagram and know what customers are looking for.

Instead of using Creator Studio or Page Manager, you now have another way to stay across all of your Facebook and Instagram business interactions.

Note: WhatsApp is not currently included, but that will be added next year.

How to Access Facebook Business Suite

To access this, or at least using it to the fullest, requires connecting/link your Facebook and Instagram business accounts together.

If you haven’t connected/link both accounts, follow the steps below. If you’ve already connected/link your accounts then feel free to skip ahead.

How to Connect Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account, follow these steps:

From your Facebook Page

  • Open your Facebook Page.
  • Go to Settings from the menu.
  • Select Instagram.
  • Select Connect Account.
  • Input your Instagram account’s Username and Password, and select Log in.

Note: If you do not have an Instagram business account, you will have to convert your personal account into one. Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can now access the full range of tools in Facebook Business Suite.

Now here is how you can access theFacebook Business Suite:

On Desktop

To access it on a desktop, log into the Facebook account associated with your business. Meanwhile, you’ll be redirected to Business Suite when you visit business.facebook.com on desktop If you’re eligible.

On Mobile

Users of Pages Manager app on mobile will automatically see the option to opt into Business Suite. However, If you’re not using the Pages Manager app, you can download the Business Suite app directly by searching for it in PlayStore or App store.

Key Features in Business Suite

Here are some of thekey feature vailable in Business Suite:

Updates at a glance

  • Easily manage your business activity throught the day.
  • Set up personalized saved replies for common questions.
  • See all messages, alerts, comments, and otheractivity across Instagram and Facebok

Share across Facebook and Instagram

  • Send posts in real time or schedule them to publish later
  • Draft a new feed post for both Instagram and Facebook

Access Insights

  • View enggements and post performnce accross Instagram and FB


  • Boost posts
  • Create ads
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