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Facebook Dating: How to Find Date Via Facebook


Today’s article revolves around Facebook Dating. Do you know you can find a date via the Facebook platform? If No, then follow up with this article to find full gist on how to go about it. As we all know Facebook is one big social media platform where we get to communicate with friends in the form of chat, Make audio/video calls and much more. We don’t have to go deep on Explaining what Facebook is, Because I believe we all know what the Facebook App is all about. What we should be discussing is Our main topic for today.

Facebook DatingNow, What is Facebook Dating? Facebook Dating is a Dating feature introduced by FB in the main Facebook Application. Do you get that? However, FB Dating doesn’t have a separate App. It more like an inbuilt app in the main Facebook application. On Facebook Dating, you get to meet singles, Date, Match, Relationship, Lovers and much more. To use Facebook Dating you must be at least 18years of age with a valid Facebook account. Tho, there are tons of Dating platforms out there, but today we talking about the Facebook Dating.

How do I Use Facebook Dating? To use the Facebook Dating is extremely easy, kindly grab a popcorn, relax and follow up with this article. Like I said above, to use this dating feature is easy ll you need to do is to create a Facebook account. Don’t forget Facebook Datinng is a new feature in the main FB pp, the Facebook Dating doesn’t have a separate application, Take gook Note of that. Kindly create a Facebook account to have access to their dating features. Below is a short guide on how to create a facebook account, just in case you have no creating a Facebook account.


How to Create Facebook Account

To create an FB account is simple, Easy and Straight forward. You can create an account via your smartphone ar desktop Kindly follow the below easy step by step guide.

  • Firstly Download Facebook App, via Google play store or AppStore.
  • Next, Launch your Facebook app, Make sure you have a good internet connection on your Mobile device.
  • Kindly click on the signup or create an account link, then fill in the required information such as full name, gender, Date of Birth, Email Address / Phone number and much more. Make sure you fill them correctly.
  • Create Password (This will be required during the login process). Kindy follow the onscreen instructions to finish up the signup process.
  • However, if you are to signup via desktop. Kindly lunch your web and visit the official website via facebook.com. And follow the above process.

With the above guide, you have successfully created a Facebook account. is as easy and simple as that. Now let’s proceed to the login.

Facebook Dating Login

Don’t get confused with the title, it actually Facebook Login. Remember, FB Dating is a Feature in the FB app. To use Facebook Dating, you have to log in to your FB account. Below is a short guide on how to do so.

  • Launch your Facebook app and click on the login link
  • You will be required to Enter your Email/Phone number (Depend on the one you use while creating your account) and Password.
  • Kindly enter your Emil/ Number and Password, then click on the Login link.
  • You will instantly be logged in to your account.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Now that you have login your account, Next is to create a dating profile. This will grat ou access to the dating feature. Note: This dating profile is quite different from your main Facebook profile. And it cant be seen or accessed by your FB Friends, it can only be used and seen in the Dating Room. Dating Profile is safe and secure. However, this Dating feature isn’t available in all countries, for now, it available in some countries and it was recently launched in the US. To create a Dating Profile is easy, Kindly follow up with this article.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Profile.
  • Kindly, click on the Love icon in your Profile (If the dating Feature is available in your country you find a heart icon in your profile)
  • Fill up the required information such as your Gender, Status, Age, Location and much more.
  • Upload a clear and Nice picture of you.
  • Lastly, go to settings and select the Match Criteria you want.

It is as easy as that, you can now access and get Match in the dating platform.

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