Facebook Marketplace Selling Policies

Facebook Marketplace Guide 2021


Facebook Marketplace is a completely free service available to anyone with a valid Facebook account. The platform’s primary features include exploring specific item categories such as “Home & Garden” or “Electronics,” selling your belongings, and discovering what is for sale in your neighbourhood.

facebook Marketplace

To sell your items, all you need to do is take a photo, describe what you’re selling, and set a price.


Local Facebook Sale Groups

Along with the main Facebook Marketplace, there are public Facebook selling groups dedicated to individual towns or areas. According to Forbes, 550 million individuals visited these organisations globally in May 2017.

What to Sell on Facebook MarketPlace

The things available for sale on Facebook Marketplace differ by location. The site sells a variety of items, including furniture, household goods, women’s clothes, and children’s toys.

By and large, products that sell rapidly are lightly used or in good shape. Expect little interest in products that appear to be beaten up or in terrible condition, unless you’re asking for next to nothing in exchange.

Bear in mind that certain things, such as guns, pets, narcotics, and alcohol, are forbidden from being sold on the site.

What a Buyer Should Do

Increase Your Initial Message’s Interest

Facebook Marketplace includes a one-click notification button labeled “Ask About Availability.”

This is an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering information such as, “I can pick this up today, provided it is still available.”

Prepare the Appropriate Vehicle

When shopping for furniture, ensure that you have access to a car capable of transporting the item back to your home. Arrange to rent a moving vehicle or borrow a friend’s truck for the day.

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As a Buyer, What Not to Do

Not Knowing What You Want Prior to Beginning Your Search

If you’re looking for a certain item, such as a high-top kitchenette, be prepared with the size, style, and specifications you require before contacting a vendor. In this manner, you avoid purchasing an item and discovering it is not a good fit.

What a Seller Should Do

Post-High-Quality Photographs

Your post’s photos may make or break it. You want to ensure that you have many images of the item for sale from all angles and in natural light, with no distracting things on or near it. Include photographs of wear and tear if necessary. The purchaser should understand precisely what they are purchasing.

The more information included in the post, the better.

Photographs alone are insufficient; additional information on the object is necessary. When selling apparel, include brand names and sizes. Include the item’s measurements and any pertinent information about its features if it is furniture.

Post at a Reasonable Cost

Conduct a search for comparable things and see what others are asking. Price it such that it appears to be a good deal to others yet leaves some money in your pocket.

What You Should Not Do as a Seller

Don’t Forget to Mention Your Preferred Method of Payment

The buyer and seller do all financial transactions directly. Facebook is not a party to this.

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As the seller, you have the option of specifying how you wish to be compensated. If you would rather pay in cash, insert the phrase “cash only” at the bottom of the item’s description. Thus, there will be no mistake if you are expecting payment and the buyer requests your Venmo username.

Buyers and Sellers: Safety Tips

Utilize the Buddy System

Being cautious is never a bad thing. When conducting a transaction, always have a friend, roommate, or significant other there. If a friend is unable to attend, arrange for a friend to phone prior to and immediately following the event to ensure everything went well.

Contrary to popular belief, do not exchange personal information.

Even with the extra transparency provided by Facebook Marketplace, safeguard your personal information. Share neither your phone number nor your home address. Always convene in a public space, such as a coffee shop or pharmacy parking lot.

Numerous police stations throughout the United States are designated SafeTrade Stations, where you can perform transactions under the watchful eye of a police officer. Consult your city’s website to determine whether other designated safe zones are available.


By following these do’s and don’ts, you’ll be well on your way to converting your cluttered wardrobe, undesirable furniture, and worn devices into more cash in your pocket.


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