Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms Review: How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms Video


Facebook Messenger Rooms is a feature on Facebook that enables shared video and text conversations, this is a new way to join group video calls with up to 50 people.

A lot of people will ask what the service is, how to use it, how it works, and if its worth using. In this article, are the answers to these questions.

Facebook Messenger Rooms


Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook messenger room, is a new service that allows large groups to host shared video and text conversations. Millions of people are looking for easier ways to communicate without having to meet people, that is why a Facebook Messenger Rooms was created.

This service is currently limited to selected countries through the messenger app, but Facebook plans to expand the service to most countries in the coming weeks.

The Facebook Messenger Room is just available on the Facebook messenger. Facebook is also rolling out “Rooms” to most of its other app, which include Instagram, Portal, and WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger Rooms Features

The Facebook Messenger Rooms’ best feature, is that it makes it very easy to start a video conference with lots of Facebook friends at once.

Listed below, are other additional features of the Facebook Messenger Rooms that help set it apart from the competition.

  • Rooms support up to 50 users in a single call.
  • It enables you to invite users even if they are not your Facebook friends.
  • No time limit on calls.
  • It has AR abilities that allow you to modify your on-screen look
  • Rooms have filters for fun AR-based visual effects like bunny ears.
  • The Facebook Messenger Rooms has a 360-degree background that includes a black hole, a giant ball pit, etc.
  • It enables users to share room availability with friends so they always know when you are available.
  • Messenger Rooms has a custom room lighting features to help customize a room’s lighting color or brighten up a dark feed.

How to Create FB Room

To create Room, ensure you have the messenger app installed on your phone, and the feature is available in your country. To create Messenger Rooms, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your messenger app and open it.
  • Click on the “people tab” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Create a Room”.
  • Invite your Facebook friends. You can also invite people outside Facebook by sending them the link the app generates for you.

Difference Between FB Messenger and Zoom

From this article, you should know what is Messenger Rooms. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing mobile app that offers quality video, audio, and a wireless screen-sharing performance across Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Zoom Rooms, and Blackberry. Now here are the areas where the two services differ.

  • Messenger Room are free. While Zoom has a free service but also a premium subscription that offers enhanced features and fewer restrictions.
  • Messenger Rooms allow o to 50 people in a Room. Zoom supports up to 100 people, the premium version can support up to 500 people with the proper add-ons
  • Zoom has a 40-minutes time limit for free users and 24-hour for premium users. The messenger Rooms has no time limit.
  • Zoom requires you to download a separate app, while Messenger Rooms is built into the Messenger app.

Is The Facebook Messenger Rooms Secured?

The FB Messenger Room is not end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp. You know what that means.

Facebook Messenger Rooms Video Review


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