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Facebook Page – How to Connect Facebook Page and Instagram Account


Facebook Page: Do you know you can link your Instagram with your Facebook page? Have you ever wondered how people share Instagram posts on Facebook?. When you link your Facebook Page to Instagram, it will alert your Facebook friends that you are on Instagram, and once you create posts, you can direct Instagram to share your photo or video to Facebook.

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This article is all you need to learn how to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account.


How to Connect Facebook Page and Instagram Account

Linking your Facebook and Instagram is quick and easy, provided you have a Facebook and Instagram account. However, having an account is not a big deal, the big deal is remembering your login and others. Here are the steps to follow in order to achieve this:

Through Instagram

  • Open your Instagram and go to your account profile. This is located at the bottom toolbar.
  • Click on the menu button (the three horizontal lines at the top-right side)
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click on Account and then select Linked Accounts
  • Select Facebook. After you select Facebook, log in to your Facebook account to confirm that you want to link your Facebook to Instagram

Note: If you have a private Instagram, anything you share with other social media, like Facebook, will become public. However, Once you have linked your Facebook to Instagram, share your settings to determine where on Facebook you’ll be sharing Instagram posts. If you link your Facebook to Instagram, posts will be shared on your personal Facebook profile by default. To set it to share on your Facebook Page, you have to:

  • Click on “Share To”. This will display all places on Facebook where your Instagram posts can be posted.
  • Choose a Page that you manage, once you’ve chosen the Facebook page where you want your photos to be posted, go back to your Share Settings.
  • Now you have specified where your Instagram posts should be posted

Through Facebook

To link your Facebook Page to an Instagram account, you must be an admin or editor. To connect your accounts, here are the steps to follow:

  • From your News Feed, click on Pages, which is located at the left menu
  • Go to your page and click on Page Settings at the bottom left
  • Select Instagram at the left column
  • Select Connect Account
  • Input your username and password and then click on Log In

What Happens When I Connect my Facebook Page and Instagram Account?

If your Facebook Page is connected to an Instagram account, here is what is going to happen:

  • Admins, moderators, and editors can read and respond to Instagram comments and messages from their Facebook Page Inbox.
  • Admins, moderators, editors, and advertisers can create Instagram ads from Facebook, and manage comments on those ads.
  • Anyone logged into the connected Instagram account can share Instagram posts to your Page.
  • Moderators, admins, and editors can view and manage customers’ Instagram contact information in the contacts tab on Facebook.

If you connected your Facebook Page to an Instagram business account:

  • Admins and editors can share Facebook posts on Instagram.
  • Page admins and editors can add to your Page’s story from Instagram.
  • Admins can promote posts and create Instagram ads using Instagram Promote.
  • Anyone logged into the connected Instagram account (including admin and editor), can add a button to Instagram for booking appointments on Facebook.
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