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Facebook Password, How To Reset and Change Facebook Password


There are tons of Facebook users out there who can’t remember their Facebook password. And don’t know how to reset it, which Eventually, they end up opening new Facebook account. Do you lost your Facebook Password or You are looking for a way to change your Facebook Password? If yes you are on the right blog, for we will walk you through an easy process to changing your Facebook Password and also reset your lost Facebook Password. Before we begin let’s talk about Facebook App.

Facebook PasswordWhat is Facebook?

Facebook is one big amazing social networking service and social media platform, with billions Of users across the globe.  Facebook company is based in Menlo Park, Carlifornia. The Facebook service is founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Here you get to communicate with your long time friends, families and more. On Facebook you can share pictures, videos, audio and video call with your loved ones. However, Facebook is more than just a communication site, it has grown to an advertising platform, where your business can be promoted, your business reaches billions of people, depend on your advertising Budget. They have an amazing app with makes Facebook Handy, the app is easy to navigate through. And can be used on both Android and iOS and it’s absolutely free. Just incase you find it difficult to download Facebook app, let me quickly walk you through the download process.

How to Download Facebook on Android and iPhone

To download the Facebook App is very easy and Straightforward, kindly follow the below step by step guide.

  • Kindly launch your App Store (iphone users) or Play Store (Android Users)
  • Locate the search bar, then in FACEBOOK then search
  • Series of app will pop up, click on the first result to download
  • Then click on your install link or Get link, wait patiently till it finishes download.
  • Once done the application will appear on your device.

That’s an easy way to download FB app on both Android and iPhone. Now let’s dive into today’s article which is Facebook Password Reset and How to change FB Password.

Easy Way to Change Facebook Password

Do you feel someone else have access to your Facebook account? And you don’t feel comfortable using your current Facebook Password? Then follow our easy guide to change your FB Password.

  • Launch the FB app or visit their official platform
  • Then login your account by using your Email/phone number and your current Password.
  • Go to your NewsFeed, then click on settings, Different list will come up, click on the Security and Login and click on the Edit link.
  • You will be required to typed in your Current Password, then your New Password (Make Sure Your New Password is Strong and can Easily be remembered by You)
  • Lastly, click on Save Changes. Your Password has been changed instantly.

You have successful change your Facebook Password with the above steps. But if you have lost your FB Password, you can Reset it by using the below Guide.

Facebook Password Reset


To regain and reset your lost FB Password is easy and straightforward, all you ever need to do is to follow the guide below.

  • Launch you app or visit the FB platform and click on the login link
  • Then click on the Forgot Password link
  • You will be required to type in your account Email or phone number, depends on the one you use while signing up for Facebook.
  • A resetting code will be sent to either your Phone number or Email
  • Kindly typed in the code to reset your password or click on the link sent to your mail to rest your account.
  • You can now login your FB account.
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