Facebook to remove posts saying that vaccines cause autism


Facebook to remove posts saying that vaccines cause autism. Facebook is enlarging what false claims it will withdraw from its platform which is associated with COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19. As well as vaccines in general.

The company started withdrawing contradicted claims of COVID-19 last year December and sending notifications to customers.




When they had had any interaction with a post having false information contained in it during the same month. However, now the list of potential claims that could remove a post has increased.

Highlights from the latest extended list of false COVID-19

Below are the highlights from the latest extended list of false COVID-19 as well as claims related to vaccine that will be withdrawn:

  • Vaccines are not so effective at preventing disease they were created against
  • COVID-19 is man-made.
  • Vaccines are dangerous, toxic, or cause autism.
  • It is safer to get a disease than to get its vaccine.

Facebook mentioned that it will begin to enforce this policy immediately, focusing mainly on pages, groups, as well as accounts that distribute content from its latest list of contradicted claims.

Facebook also mentions that it would look more into withdrawing the sources of the posts completely if they become repeat offenders.

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The company particularly mentions that it will be imposing this change in the “COVID health emergency”, so while pressing down on such claims could be a primary blow to the anti-vaccine movement on Facebook, this might not last for so long.

Even if it remains short, it is still a significant change, Facebook was the main source of misinformation of vaccine, even before the coronavirus pandemic, and addressing it more plainly and straightforward could have a great impact on people who might have become anti-vaxxers otherwise.

Extending what counts as COVID-19 and vaccine false information is a great move for Facebook, however, some people worry what kind of post might be caught in the new, larger false information net of the company.

Though studies into the efficacy of some kind of vaccines, masks, and tests are still ongoing.

New Guidelines of Facebook might prevent conversations around the latest search results

As written, the latest guidelines of Facebook might put a stop to conversations around the latest search results. Just as Zeynep Tufekci, UNC Professor notes.

Not only that. But the UNC Professor also points out that guidance from public health agencies has altered over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. This may just mean that older posts from organizations like the W.H.O may also be withdrawn.

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Outside of the policy changes, Facebook is as well making some modifications to how authentic. And genuine coronavirus information gets provided on both Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook will highlight links to vaccine information. And also links to sign up to get a vaccination in its COVID-19 information center. And it also plans on bringing this feature to Instagram also.

Also, Facebook mentions that it is still improving search on both Facebook and Instagram. To come up with more important, authoritative results. When a user looks for something that is associated with COVID-19.

Not excluding showing users who demoralize vaccinations lower in search results on Instagram.


Lastly, Facebook is as well enlarging $120 million in ad credits to assist NGOs, health ministries. As well as UN agencies to disseminate COVID-19 vaccine information to billions of Facebook users.

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