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Gym is closed: We have Some Best Home Workout For You


When people come out from this self-quarantine there are two ways they will do that, is either they are very fit or fat from many diets. We have Some Best Home Workout For You.

Home WorkoutAs everyone is locked down base on the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are do not have access to our usual gyms, workout studios and even parks for exercise.

Now be at home is not that motivating for the workout. The good thing is many fitness instructors, apps, gyms, and studios are playing their part to help you keep to shape. Most importantly, it will help you ease anxiety to cope with this coronavirus pandemic.


Free videos and apps for Home Workout

One of the fastest ways for you to train at home is to follow a workout routine through an instructor-led video. Most videos are prerecorded but you can still get some live videos from some instructors. They are about 25-45 minutes and most of them require no or little fitness equipment, which makes it very easy to work through.

Some of these videos require you to subscribe or to be part of their member, and many others provide free videos or extended trial to work with before payment.

Below you get a list of some favorite apps for work out at home that has live and prerecorded videos.

  • Yoga
  • Bootcamp-style classes
  • Boxing
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Plyometrics
  • Pilates and barre exercises.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga had to shut down their studios due to the coronavirus outbreak and starts an online only studio. They add new classes every week, also including those people who were hurt, meditation and yoga.

The Company is now offering free classes to everyone this match and hopefully, extend it as the company studio remains closed. The free classes are for both members and non-members.


To register for Peloton, you normally pay $13 a month, but now Peleton is offering 90 days free trials from its polished workout app.

Though the app does not require you to purchase Peloton biker or treadmill offers easy to follow and high-quality videos, that features strength, yoga, cardio, meditation and Bootcamp classes. If outdoor runs is an option for you, the app offers audio only classes.

Nike Training Club

In less than a year exercising with Nike Training Club I started getting fit without any serious equipment, just a little equipment used.

The app is usually free, and it has a different type of home workouts to select from, even programs that makes you continue to workout. The point here is you can be in shape with or without access to the gym.

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Les Mills

If you have ever been registered to a 24 hours fitness gym, you should have heard about Body Pump. The class is managed by Les Mills, with other different kinds of classes such as dance, boxing, and yoga.

You can demand these classes as they are available for 30 days free trial. And most of the classes are equipment free. You should be aware that after the 30 days class you will have to pay a monthly membership of $14.99 or $11.99 with a three-month commitment.


Barry (nee Barry’s Bootcamp) closed down all its studios in Europe, Us, and Canada as of March 15. If you are a fan of Barry’s or obsess about it, now is a chance to work out with them.

The company is now streaming two new workouts videos daily. Which one is with equipment and the other with basic items, like fitness bands. You can join him on Instagram to watch and stream his daily workouts.

Amazon Prime Video

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you will have free access to varieties of fitness videos, that include cardio programs and Zumba.

All you need to do is go to your prime video and search fitness, then clicking on the left to get available streams.

Basic equipment for Home Workout that is under $100

Many apps and YouTube channels have equipment free training, but if you want to increase your efficacy, even with little or basic workout equipment it will make a significant difference.

Below is the list of Home Workout equipment you can get under $100


Carry weight is pretty a must for you in your home workout routine, you can easily get dumbbells from Amazon and they will be delivered to you in less than a week.

Jump Rope

If your room ceiling is high enough or you can outside safely, maybe have a nice space in your house compound. You can have a jump rope for warming up or to get quick cardio for your proper workout.

Yoga Block

You can get extra support during a workout from yoga blocks, this is for those that are exercising their flexibility.

They are necessary equipment for those practicing yoga and it usually comes in two sets. It also has a soft finish when maintaining high density for balance.

Workout Mat

There are different types of the mat, and what you get determined what form of exercise you doing and even the kind of floor you are working with.

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For example, if you want to do yoga, you get a yoga mat, while you can get a higher density workout mat for bodyweight training and carpeted floors.


This is not just a mirror you can check your self with. But it is for ensuring you have a good from when you try a new workout.

Wall mirror from Ikea enables you to get a good view of your workout with its enough width.

For bigger Home Workout gym investment

Some of us have been thinking of having a gym set up in our homes than goes ahead of basics equipment.

Today you can get at home gym equipment such as treadmills and bikes. This will give you studios or gym experience.

Peloton Bike

The peloton indoor bicycle is quite expensive but its also a great quarantine companion. It needs a 4 x 6-foot space. It’s going to help you to socially engage in more workout classes with different class duration.

The company now gives 30 days free trial, for you to test ride the bicycle before making a payment of $2,245.

A Treadmill

The treadmill we have at home now it’s different from what was in the 90s. Now, the treadmill comes with a larger screen, so that you can stream workout as you make progress.

Another amazing thing is, apps can be installed in the Treadmill like the Peloton. So you can get more training and workout program.

Peloton Alternative bike

The bike is not the only stationary bike that has live classes and other high tech features. You can make a DIY peloton, or rather get alternatives around $1,000. which is 1,500 less than what Peloton is offering.

Hydrow connected rowing machine

To get an efficient cardio workout then you can try rowing. The rowing machine offers you a full-body workout unlike machines like treadmills or stationary bikes.

Full body workout like upper body parts such as back, shoulders, arms, and chest.


Hydrow which was launched in 2019 is a rowing machine that costs about $2,200. Which is not something budgeted and you sure pay a monthly subscription of $38. Just like Peloton you have access to 30 days trial before you can purchase it.

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