Harry Potter Books in order of release and Main Characters


Harry Potter Books is a series of seven books written by a British author whose name goes by J.K Rowling. The production of this book made her the best selling author in history. Author J.K Rowling first introduced the public to the wizarding world of Harry Potter in 1997.

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter books majors on the lives of a young wizard, whose name is Harry Potter, and his close friends who attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly to know more about being witches and wizards.


However, the storyline line of the books is about Harry and his fight to conquer the evil enemy Lord Voldemort.

List of Harry Potter Books

Over 700 million copies of the books have been sold out all over the world which has made them the best-selling book series over the years. For easy understanding, It has been translated into eighty different languages all across the globe. Below are all the seven books of Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone
  • Potter and the Chambers of Secrets
  • Harry  and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Potter  and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
  •  Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Books Release Date

The book’s genre of the books includes fantasy, thriller, mystery, magic, and also young adult fiction among others. You can go through the list of the books according to their release dates

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: June 1997
  • Potter and the Chambers of Secrets: July 1998.
  • Harry  and the Prisoner of Azkaban: July 1999
  •  Potter and the Goblet of Fire: July 2000
  • Harry and the Order of the Phoenix: June 2003
  •  Potter and the earthly Hallows: July 2007
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Main Characters in Harry Potter’s Book

harry potter

Here are how the journey of the main characters in the book compare to one another. Harry Potter continues to be one of the most famous and successful fantasy franchises of all time, even though the first Harry Potter Book came out in 1997. its Characters remain among the most beloved ever.

  • Rubeus Hagrid
    He was the first person who introduced Harry to the meaning of magic, by visiting him when he celebrated his 11th birthday. Rubeus told Harry Potter that he was a wizard and became friends with him while he studied at Hogwarts. Hagrid remained an important role in the as he supported Harry just like a good friend will
  • Minerva McGonagall
    This is another character in Harry Potter’s book. His private life was mostly kept a secret but as a professor, she progressed over time. She looks stressed and emotionless at first but she later proved that she cared about people close to her.
  • Lord Voldemort
    This the villain and the enemy. Not much of him is displayed about Voldemort, apart from his evil plans. His ambition resulted in his downfall in the end, as he ripped his soul to be immortal.
  • Harry Potter Finally, Harry is the main character of the series. He learned so many things, defeated many dangers and obstacles, enemies before he could finally live a peaceful life with Ginny his wife, and his three wonderful children. He managed to defeat Voldemort, his enemy.

Other Main Characters in the Book

  • Ron Weasley
    Ron is Harry’s best friend, who stayed with him all through his hard and difficult times. He didn’t change that much. But he became a bit braver and believed in himself. He proved this by fighting against Voldemort and his servants.
  • Albus Dumbledore: It became clear and obvious that Dumbledore had a lot of dark secrets hidden in his past. He was not always honest with Harry Potter. One good thing about him is he did everything in his power to help and make sure Harry would be able to conquer Voldemort in the end.
  • Hermione Granger
    Grager was always a badass. She learned how to get along with people and also make friends. Hermione was always ambitious and very clever. One thing she didn’t accept was letting other people dictate what she would do, how she should look, and also behave.
  • Severus Snape
    Severus was not always the most sympathetic character. It turns out he was working for the enemy, Voldemort. Harry Potter found out he was working for Voldemort, but Severus had done good things for Dumbledore and Harry himself. Harry learned about Snape’s past.
  • Draco Malfoy
    Malfoy started out as the antagonist whose main plan was to make the hero’s life a living hell. More information became available about Draco’s life and his family. it became clear there was more to the young Slytherin student. Draco Malfoy was able to turn against Voldemort and refused to kill Dumbledore.
  • Ginny Weasley
    She didn’t have much space in the movie as she did in the books. Ginny was easily manipulated but she was a very sweet and honest child when she first appeared. As time passed, she became open-minded, funny, and also fierce.
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Where You Can Buy The Books


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