Homebound Movie

Homebound Movie: Storyline, Cast, Crew, and Release Date

Homebound Movie: The movie follows Holly(Aisling Loftus), a young woman who travels with her new husband(Tom Goodman-Hill) to meet his estranged family, only to find his ex-wife is missing and the children behaving in a strange ways

Homebound Movie

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Original Language: English(United Kingdom)
Director: Rusell: Sebastian Godwin
Producer: Rusell Owen, Karim Prince Tshibangu
Writer: Rusell: Sebastian Godwin
Release Date: (Streaming): May 13, 2022
Runtime: 1h 11min
Distributor: Brainstorm Media
Aspect Ratio: scope (2.35.1


Homebound Movie: Cast List

Aisling Loftus: Holly
Tom Goodman-Hill
Hattie Gotobed- Lucia
Raffaella Chapman- Anna
Lukas Rolfe- Ralph
Sebastian Godwin-Director

Homebound Movie: Crew List

  • Director: Sebastian Godwin
  • Screenwriter: Sebastian Godwin
  • Company: Brainstorm Media

Homebound Movie Release Date: When is the Movie Coming Out?

The Movie is coming out in 2022 on May 13 on Friday(A limited release). Also, there are other movies coming out on the same date including Firestarter, Family Camp, and Monstrous

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