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How to Access Netflix Account in a Different Country


Netflix is a must-have for everyone who enjoys movies and television series. In 190 countries, the video streaming behemoth is available. Regrettably, the Netflix catalog is not consistent across the country. However, there are a few techniques for gaining access to different libraries (for example, watching Netflix USA while in the UK.

Access Netflix in a Different Country


You may be shocked to learn that Netflix offers a variety of films and television episodes in different regions. We’ll look at why Netflix content varies by country and how you can get everything on Netflix regardless of where you reside.


Why Does the Netflix Library Vary by Country?

According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, each country’s Netflix library or catalog varies due to territorial licensing. How it works is as follows.

The makers of any film or television show seek to maximize their revenues. As a result, they license their work to various content distributors located throughout the world. Naturally, the rights are awarded to the highest bidder. For the sake of illustration, let us discuss Star Wars.

As a distributor (yep, streaming video qualifies as “distributing”), Netflix must determine whether there are enough Star Wars fans in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and other places to recoup the cost of acquiring the rights.

If Netflix’s research indicates that Star Wars is popular in the United States but not in India, it will acquire the Star Wars territorial license for the United States but not for India. As a result, US Netflix subscribers will have access to Star Wars, while Indian Netflix subscribers will not.

Netflix will then bid for the territorial license for both the United States and India based on its study. However, another distributor may charge a greater fee or may already own the Indian territorial license. Then, once again, US Netflix subscribers will be able to view Star Wars, but Indian Netflix subscribers would be unable to do so.

In short, it is due to audience interest and territorial licensing that the Netflix collection varies by location.

Netflix is working hard to ensure that all of its movies are available internationally, removing local restrictions. However, this will take time. As a result, various nations will initially have access to distinct Netflix catalogs.

How to Access Netflix in a Different Country

Access Netflix in a Different Country

The good news is that accessing Netflix from a different country is actually rather simple. You can access the library of any country via virtual private networks (VPNs). Additionally, there is a technology known as DNS tunneling or Smart DNS. Both ways accomplish the same thing: they trick Netflix into believing your device is in a different area than it actually is.

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These techniques, however, have some drawbacks. For example, you will be unable to utilize a Chromecast to stream Netflix from your smartphone to your television. These approaches may potentially have an adverse effect on the speed of buffering and streaming. On the other hand, you’ll have access to a greater movie library than ever before.

Using a VPN to Change Your Country When Using Netflix

We have argued in favor of VPNs over proxy DNS. However, the most compelling argument in favor of VPNs is their ease of use.

Because Netflix is available on all platforms, you have some flexibility in terms of selecting a trusted VPN that works for you. (While Netflix is careful about VPN usage and disables the majority of free VPNs, many commercial VPN providers continue to function.) The procedure is identical for every one of them:

  • Install and activate your VPN client.
  • Select the VPN country from which you wish to explore the Netflix library.
  • Launch the Netflix application or navigate to the Netflix website.
  • Take advantage of that country’s Netflix selection.

Note: Not all premium VPN services are created equal.

Using Smart DNS to Access Netflix From Another Country

While it is preferable to utilize Smart DNS services to watch region-locked films on YouTube, Netflix has made it more difficult than ever to access another country’s repertoire via Smart DNS.

Using Smart DNS has the advantage that, unlike VPN, it does not transmit data through an intermediary server between you and Netflix, making it faster. This is particularly noticeable with high-quality streams, such as 4K videos.

In comparison to VPNs, your options for using a Smart DNS for Netflix are severely limited. Only Smart DNS Proxy remains functional, and it only covers the US and Canadian Netflix collections.

Unless you have a compelling reason other than Netflix to pay for a Smart DNS Proxy at the moment, we recommend paying for a strong VPN instead.

How to Determine What Is Available in Different Netflix Regions

Access Netflix in a Different Country

Now that you know how to access Netflix from other countries, there is one last issue. How do you search for a film to determine which country’s Netflix offers it? This is when uNoGS comes into play.

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This web application scans Netflix libraries worldwide. With a single simple search, the service will determine which country’s library you should use for your VPN or DNS.

You can refine your search results by IMDb rating, release year, genre, and other criteria. And, of course, you have the option of searching in one of the 28 nations available.

Use a VPN to Access Another Country’s Netflix Catalogue?

A VPN enables you to disguise your IP address, creating the illusion of being in another country, while your Netflix account remains unaffected. If you want to watch a show that is only available in the United States, you’ll need a Netflix account in the United States, as well as a US-based IP address.

It’s not easy to set up a Netflix account in a foreign nation. We were unable to open a US account since none of our payment methods were accepted. While purchasing a Netflix gift card from Amazon may work, you will additionally require a US phone number to authenticate your Netflix subscription. The aggravating part is that Netflix will not provide you with a specific error message, but they have most certainly determined that you are attempting to cheat.

Using ExpressVPN, we were able to set up a German Netflix account from Canada. The trick was to start over with a new account in a neutral browser profile (we used Firefox). Neither of our previous accounts had progressed beyond the payment stage. Additionally, we required an authentic German phone number and payment information to complete the process.


Netflix constantly cracks down on VPNs, making it more difficult to circumvent regional licensing restrictions. While the methods indicated above are now working, we cannot promise they will continue to function in the future. However, we check to see which techniques are still operational on a frequent basis, so it’s worth bookmarking this article.


ExpressVPN and Private VPN are two of our preferred solutions in general. The first method is always compatible with Netflix US, which has one of the best catalogs in the world. Additionally, Private VPN serves most countries with Netflix libraries. You can sample both of them for free.


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