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How to Buy and Sell On Facebook Marketplace – How to Sell for Free on Facebook

How To Buy and Sell On Facebook Marketplace – The Facebook marketplace is a component of the social network that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between millions of individuals.

Facebook Marketplace Sell

Facebook users can purchase and sell directly on the Facebook website. However, there are additional methods for purchasing and selling things on Facebook. However, this marketplace function is quickly eclipsing others.

  • Navigate to your Facebook profile.
  • Proceed to the marketplace.
  • Select “Sell.”
  • Establish your location.
  • Select a category for your item.
  • Complete the appropriate information about your item(s).
  • Include accurate images of the item(s).
  • Post

Buyers will contact you if they are interested in any of the products you have listed.

How To Trade On Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can purchase and sell a variety of different things. This marketplace is right for people who have products on sale.

This function is accessible via the Facebook website and is now available in 85 countries. It is accessible via the Facebook mobile application and the Facebook website on desktop computers.

Take notice that this marketplace is only available to Facebook members who reside in one of the 85 countries listed. You can sell a variety of products here, including apparel and accessories, vehicles, and real estate.

Facebook Marketplace Tab

Facebook’s marketplace is a feature of the company’s website. You can access and sell on the marketplace through your Facebook mobile app or website if it is available in your location.

It works with both Android and iOS devices. You can also access it on your desktop. Android phone owners will see a little shop at the top of the Facebook homepage.

For iPhone users, the marketplace appears as a small shop at the bottom of the Facebook homepage. On a desktop computer, navigate to the Facebook website and look for Marketplace on the left side of the homepage.

Note: This will only appear if the marketplace is available in your area. You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace using supported devices.

Categories in the Facebook Marketplace

This marketplace accepts a variety of commodities. Here, you may purchase or sell a variety of different types of things. It truly depends on the kind of your business or the item you wish to purchase. The following are the product categories that are permitted in this digital marketplace.

  • Vehicles.
  • Home & Garden.
  • Property to rent.
  • Property for sale.
  • Entertainment.
  • Clothing & Accessories.
  • Family.
  • Electronics.
  • Hobbies.
  • Classifieds.
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These are all the product categories available in the Facebook marketplace.

Selling on Facebook Rules

To sell on this digital marketplace, there are specific standards to follow. These guidelines and regulations will aid in your navigation.

Sell a Physical Item

This marketplace does not allow the sale of a non-physical item. Examples of these products are  Jokes, news, lost and found content, and non-physical services.

Restricted Items

Certain products are prohibited in this marketplace. These items include alcohol, adult products, gift cards, animals, tobacco products, illegal drugs and prescriptions, healthcare products, weapons, and dangerous items.

The Description Must Correspond to the Image

The photographs of the items you have must correspond to the description you provided.

Photographs of the Before and After Are Not Allowed

Items featured in this market do not require before and after images. It merely has to do with current and accurate images of the item.

Facebook Marketplace Settings

There are numerous variables that come into play while selling on Facebook. This marketplace for buying and selling also allows you to check its settings. If you ever wish to make your item listings private and only accessible to logged-in users, you may do so immediately.

  • Log in as an administrator to the marketplace (admin).
  • Navigate to the Configuration section.
  • Select Access Preferences from the menu.
  • Allow Only Registered Users to View Listings” click on “Allow Only Registered Users to View Listings”.

If you are a vendor on this site and wish to make your listings private, follow the instructions below.

How to Sell for Free on Facebook

There are several free methods for selling on Facebook. By using various areas on Facebook, you can reach millions of people with your products and services.

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Facebook Marketplace

Individuals can sell their products and services for free here. You will only require your Facebook application and mobile data.

  • Navigate to the marketplace in your Facebook application.
  • Tap “Sell” in the marketplace.
  • Select a category for your item.
  • Include all pertinent information about your item, including photographs.
  • Click the Post button.

Groups on Facebook

On Facebook, there are buy and sell groups where users can engage in everyday trading.

  • Navigate to your Facebook profile.
  • Enter and search for keywords connected to Buy and Sell Groups, “Selling,” and other terms in the search bar.
  • Tap on Groups above the search results.
  • Join a group by selecting one.
  • Tap on What are you selling in the group.
  • Complete the item’s details, including photographs.
  • Press the Post button.

Facebook Timeline

Additionally, you may use your Facebook timeline to promote your products for free. You can also upload your things using the standard methods for status updates.

  • Navigate to the status box on your timeline.
  • Enter the item’s details in the status box.
  • Include images of the item as well.
  • Press the Post button.

You can sell on this social media platform for free using these areas.


You can sell through your primary timeline, just as you do through other channels on this social media site. How? It’s ridiculously simple! Without a doubt, you’ve shared status updates, images, and other stuff. You can also use the same steps to sell your things.

Simply log into your Facebook account and navigate to the status box labeled “What’s on your mind?” Enter the item’s details in the box and click “Photos/Videos”.

Here, you must pick and open the item’s image. After you’ve entered all of the relevant information, such as the title, price, location, description, and images, click “Post” or “Share.”


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