Change Facebook Business Name

How to Change a Facebook Business Page Name

Can we talk on how to change your Facebook business page name? If yes, kindly follow up with this article to learn how. Changing your Facebook business page is very easy and simple now, unlike the past procedure where it was very complicated. You must be an admin of the page to change the page name.

Change Facebook Business NameHow to Change a Facebook Business Page Name

Follow the simple guide below to learn how to change your Facebook business page name.

Go to the “About” tab of Facebook Page

To change a page name, you need to log in to your Facebook account. On your Facebook account, go to your page on the left side and click on “About” on your Facebook page. About is at the upper left-hand side of the page. After clicking on the About, click on the “Edit” next to the page name.


Type the Name of Your Facebook Business Page

After the first step, you will see a box asking Request New Page Name. There will be two Options (Current Page Name and New Page Name). Enter the new name you have chosen for your Facebook page, and then click on Continue.

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Note: Before you request for a Facebook Business Page Name Change, make sure you read the Facebook Guideline for a Page Name, Or you go by these rules.

  • It must accurately reflect your business
  • It must be related to the current name.
  • No abusive terms or phrases.
  • No weird punctuation, capitalization or symbol (e.g tHe BesT CafE).
  • Be correct grammatically.
  • There should be no descriptions or slogans (they are added to the About section)
  • There should be no variation of the word “Facebook”.
  • Do not use generic words or locations.
  • You will have 75 characters limit in your page name.

Confirm your Page Name change Request

After you must have submitted a new FB page name, you will be taken to another box that will ask you to confirm your name change request. If you wish to edit the name change, click Back or Cancel to exit the box, if not click on Request Change.
On clicking Request Change, you will see a box saying they are reviewing your name change request. When the review is completed, you will be sent a notification.

After going through the following processes, you need to wait for the approval for changing the new Facebook page name. Facebook takes up to three days to approve/confirm a page name change, and may also request additional information in order to make their decision. If your request is finally approved, you won’t be able to change the business page name or unpublish it for a week.

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Note: Be very careful and ensure that the new business name you requested is the one you actually want because once done it can’t be undone.


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