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How to Change Your Name on Facebook


Are you trying to change your Facebook name but you are finding it difficult. This writeup is mainly to enlighten you on how to change name on Facebook. Do you know that you can actually change your name on Facebook? Are you thinking if it is possible? Yes, it is possible, Kindly follow up with this article to get the basics steps on how to change name on facebook.

how to change your name on facebookPresently, Many Facebook users find it difficult to change their name on Facebook Profile. Although, there are some certain things that you cant include in your name on Facebook. Facebook is a community where all users use the name that they go by in everyday life. Below are the things you cant include in your name on Facebook.

One of the advantages of changing name on Facebook is that it enables you to use the name of your partner after getting married in the future. Note that you also have the right to include your nickname on Facebook. Simply follow the below guide so that you will be guided on what you can not include in your name on Facebook to avoid being block by Facebook.


What you can’t include in your name on Facebook

Facebook is a platform that has Name standards. The name standards prevent users from using anyhow name on Facebook. Facebook name Standards prevent users from pretending to be anything or anyone.

  • Facebook users cant include Symbols, unusual capitalization, and numbers.
  • You cant also repeat characters or add punctuation to your name.
  • You are not allowed to include Characters from multiple languages.
  • Facebook users cant include Titles of any kind either professional or religion in their name on Facebook.
  • Users aren’t allowed to use Offensive or suggestive words in their Facebook name.
  • You are not allowed to include Words or phrases in place of a name.

Having followed the above Name Standards, you can now follow the below guide on how to change name on Facebook with ease. This our how-to guide is very stressless, easy, simple to follow and do.

How to Change Your Name on facebook

  • Kindly Launch your Facebook App on your Device or Visit FB platform and Log into your Account Using your Email or Phone number and your Password.
  • Navigate to the Settings section and click on it.
  • Now, you have to click on the Name option and enter the name that you want to use.
  • Tap the Review Change option and You will be requested to enter your Password. For verification purpose, Input your password.
  • Lastly, Click on the Save changes option to complete the process.
  • With the above steps you have successfully changed your Facebook name. The new name will now appear on your profile till when you decide to change it another time.

NOTE: As a Facebook users you can only change their name every 60 days. So be sure that you don’t make mistake while changing your name else you will be stuck with it for the period 60 days before you can change the name again.

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