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How to Create a Facebook fan page and Keep your Account Private


Today’s article is about how to create a Facebook fan page and How to Keep your Account Private. Facebook is a big social media platform which allows users to connect with friends, family, work colleague or people they don’t know, online. Facebook allows people to share pictures, videos, music, articles, thoughts, and opinions with people.

Facebook Fan pageFB search through your e-mail contacts and compares it against its membership database. If Facebook discovers a match, it gives you the option to add that person as a friend, you can also use the Facebook search engine to search for a specific friend.

How to create a Facebook profile

Creating a Facebook profile takes less than 10 minutes, to create a Facebook profile, follow these simple steps below:

  • Firstly, download the Facebook app via google playstore or App store
  • Next, click on the Signup link
  • Fill in the required information, such as First name, Surname, Date of Birth, gender, enter your mobile number.
  • Create a Strong Password.
  • You have successfully created a Facebook account. Lastly, Upload a profile picture.

How to keep your Facebook account private

Many people want to keep their Facebook profile private for some specific reasons. here are some of the d steps to keep your Facebook account private:

  • At the very top of your Facebook, click on your profile.
  • Next, tap on the edit profile link that appears in the bottom corner of your cover photo
  • Unclick the boxes next to the information you want to remain private

Pros and Cons of Facebook

Facebook is good in our everyday life, but as the saying goes, whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage. Facebook was created with the purpose of communicating with people all over the world but some Facebook users use Facebook for a totally different thing.

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Pros of Facebook

FB has a lot of advantages below are a few of its advantages.

  •  Socialization

Facebook is a social platform where the world comes together. Facebook is changing the way we think and feel about people, it is easy to find out like-minded people on Facebook by seeing their interest and you can easily connect with them. people can also find their life partners through Facebook.

  • Communication

Facebook is a good means of communication to people around the world, Facebook has provided you with the chat option so that you can easily talk with friends, family members, business partners, through Facebook just by using your mobile phone or laptop. Facebook can also be used for video chatting.

  • Business Promotion
    Many people use Facebook as a means to advertise and sell their goods and services which makes it easier.
  • Unlimited Entertainment

Facebook is the best platform to spend your time when you are less busy and getting bored. You can view your friend’s post, share photos, status, or play games.

  • Sharing of feelings and life event

it is very easy to share your opinion, feelings, and what’s happening around the world through Facebook and be able to get some guide, support or help from friends.

Cons of Facebook

  • Effects on Academics

A lot of students spend so much time on Facebook, ignoring their studies which result in bad grades on the student’s result

  • Privacy issues
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A lot of people are now used to sharing their private life on social media. People often do this just to get likes, shares, comments, seek attention from people and be social.

What is a Facebook Fan page

A Facebook fan page, unlike the normal Facebook profile, is a way for businesses, organizations, celebrities, and politicians to represent themselves on Facebook. A Facebook fan page is visible to everyone on the internet. Anybody on Facebook can connect and receive updates by becoming a fan.

 How to create a Facebook fan page

To create Facebook Fanpage is straight forward and easy: Below are the steps to take when creating a Facebook fan page:

  • Log in your Facebook account and click the ‘menu’ icon
  • And Click on Page, Next click on the Create link.
  • Get started and Select the category.
  • Enter the name you will want to use for your page.
  • Enter your website URL if you have one but if you don’t, check the I don’t have a website box.
  • Upload a picture for your page
  • Upload a cover picture.

With the above guide, you successfully created a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

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