How to Create a Website and types of website

Website is without a doubt that they are the most essential element of the internet. The term website is sometimes used inconsistently, In order to make it clear once and for all.

What Is a Website?

how to create a website

Website is the main location of web pages that are related and also accessed by visiting the home page of the website using a browser. It is a business factor which almost all business firm needs for more audience online.


How to Create a Website

You will need to follow the steps below to understand how to create a website

  • The first thing you should do is select the proper website builder or web host for yourself. Make sure to concentrate on your business or personal website goals, then reach what features and functions you will require.
  • Now select a plan that will fit those needs, But consider your website building budget. Determine which plan provides the best flexibility.
  • After that, Register with a domain name. Use a domain name generator to select a memorable domain name for your website.
  • Now choose a template and customize your site. Surprise your audience by choosing your business website with a perfect design.
  • You will need to upload content, by filling your site pages with products, photos, and optimized copy which will drive traffic and conversions.
  • Install extensions and plugins. make sure your business and use add-ons to assist customers to complete their journey on your website
  • You will need to now Publish and promote your website, The start sharing your products and services on the online platform
  • Make sure you Track and Tweak as you go. Check your site performance to ensure customers keep returning.

Most Popular Types of Websites

With several different sites out there, it makes so much sense to arrange them all into many different types. Below are the most popular websites

  • A blog: This is a site that is always updated, and it is run by one person or small group and is usually written in a laid-back style. The whole world is your oyster when it comes to blogging in terms of content.
  • Business: A business website is any kind of website that indicates your business, even small local businesses also need a very simple online showcase to be taken very seriously in today’s global technology world. A website is one of the easiest ways to indicates what your business is really like and what it is about.
  • Brochure: This is the easiest type of website. it has only a few pages and is mostly used by small businesses that need a very simple online presence. They effectively act as an online brochure. The content on these websites is mostly pretty static which means it hardly updated.
  • Crowdfunding: This is the modern way to fund your idea from the sublime to the ridiculous, It works by taking pledges of different amounts from so many people. Well, known crowdfunding websites include Crowdcube and Kickstarter.
  • Ecommerce
    An eCommerce website is any type of website that sells directly a product or service. It makes up an ever-increasing portion of sales in the US. You can add products or services to your cart with an eCommerce site.
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Other Types of  Popular Websites

  • Educational
    This type of site use any combinations of games, images, articles to educate their audiences and listeners
  • Media or Entertainment
    This contains frequent updates content on recent affairs, sport, weather, including entertainment. News sites such as CNN and entertainment sites like ELLE both fall under this category.
  • Nonprofit: This particular one might not be classified as a business in the same way, but they still need a website. It will often have a function to collect email addresses and to build a database of people interested in keeping in touch with the organization through newsletters.
  • Portfolio: This is another type of website where people showcase their work for future employees, the market most especially themselves as freelancers. If you are a writer, designer, or writer, you can take a big step further than a personal site.
  • Portal: This is a website like Yahoo that brings information together from lots of different sites and showcases them in one place. However, it can be internal websites for organizations like schools or even large businesses.

Popular Ways of Building Websites

Now that you have an idea of the different types of websites available. It is now time to know how they are built. There are two popular different ways of building sites which are:

  • CMS: This option is to create a site using a Content Management System(CMS), such as WordPress. You can do this on your own by downloading WordPress or another Content Management System, buying a template, and then creating your site using code. But you will need to pay for a domain name, then host your site too.
  • Website Builder:  These are online platforms that allow users to build their own platforms based on the selection of templates. You don’t need to know how to code to use a site builder, they are generally really easy to use, but you will need to pay a monthly fee to keep them active and going.

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