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How to Defeat Star Wars Jedi: Survivors Late-Game Boss Addition

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Very far into Respawn and EA’s new Star Wars game, Jedi Survivor, you’ll encounter a delicate master fight on Jedha against an important foe who can fluently kill you with many successes. But to talk about this master fight in any further detail requires spoiling a big moment from the game’s alternate half. So if you haven’t reached that point yet, also turn around now.

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Seriously, final warning. Don’t hop into the commentary or complain on Twitter that I spoiled this big Star Wars moment in the new Jedi effect. Okay? Okay.

After treason leaves Cal in a bad state, you play as Cere Junda. She’s the Jedi Master who helped train Cal in Fallen Order and has now devoted her life to conserving the Jedi’s heritage and training. Now the Conglomerate is about to destroy all her work in the new Jedi libraries and she must hold them back while her abettors escape with what little they can. And this leads us into the big fight against the one and only Sith Lord himself Darth Vader.

And this fight isn’t easy, which you presumably formerly know as you looked up some tips on how to master the former- Jedi- turned- Sith. This fight is tricky because you only get four mending particulars and you don’t have all of Cal’s stations and moves. rather, you have to calculate on Cere’s actually important but limited number of moves and capacities.

How to master Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

It’s clear with how slow Vader’s attacks are that the game wants you to turn his blows, and you can do that. But if you’re like me, eluding isn’t your strong suit, and counting on its whim-whams- wracking. So we aren’t going to turn much, rather counting on one move in Cere’s magazine her force slam.

When you jump and hit Y/ Triangle, assuming you have some Force energy, Cere will slam down onto the ground and stun Vader for a moment. This can also intrude upon Darth Vader’s unblockable attacks, too. And it’s this move that came my go-to for defeating this bastard.

The strategy goes commodity like this Jump and force slam near Vader to stun him for a moment( and remove a large knob of his stamina bar, too). also snappily attack the Sith Lord with two to three introductory gashes. also incontinently dash or vault down from him before he can snare you and snap your neck or attack with a fury of swings. Hopefully, you did enough damage to earn just enough energy to do another slam. Repeat this over and over until you win.

At first, this strategy might not work. You’ll need to get a sense of how near you need to be to force-smash him and how far down you want to get to avoid his retaliatory attacks. You’ll also need to sometimes dodge balls of junk he throws at you, so watch out for those. The key then’s to not get greedy. This fight happens in three stages and if you squinch up you have to renew each over. So take your time and chip down at him between jumps and slams.

I’d also recommend letting him kill you and renew if you take any damage and have to heal before the first cutscene. The end of this fight becomes veritably hard as Vader turns on SUPER SITH MODE and strikes briskly and harder. You’re likely going to need all the mending particulars you can get once that happens. And if you can turn indeed many of his attacks, that will help out a lot and make this strategy indeed more effective.

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