Facebook Page Private

How to make a Facebook Page Private

Let’s have a brief discussion on How to make a Facebook Page Private. Facebook has done everything to make their users enjoy chatting the best way they can. It has help people grow their businesses through the use of pages and groups.

Facebook Page Private

A business page on Facebook is one of the most important tools you can use for your business. Your business page is just like an extension to your Facebook homepage.


There are certain features on Facebook that gives you the ability to make choices of privacy on your Facebook, your Facebook business, and a fan page is also one of it.

You chose to make your page private or make it public to everyone and this privacy settings affect your pages in different ways. We have provided you key steps to follow on how to configure your business page restriction setting.

 Facebook Page Private: How to configure your Facebook page privacy settings

Before you can make your Facebook Page Private or Before being able to access any privacy setting on your Facebook page, there should be a page you already created, if there isn’t you can’t access the setting. If you have a page it will be at the left part of your Facebook home screen, click on your page.

At the upper right corner click on the edit page menu, it will bring list settings, click on the edit settings. In this platform, you will see various privacy settings, where you can restrict the number of people seeing your post and page and can also minimize the post coming to your Facebook page timeline.

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The Facebook page public settings are at the top, this is where you can choose if you want your business to be visible to the public or not if your page is on public Anyone will be able to see your page. There is a checkbox where you can check in publish a page or unpublish the page.

If you check in publish page box everyone would be able to post on your timeline but if you check in the unpublish page, Only you and the admins of your page can be able to see and control the page.

You should check the unpublish page box only if you want to shut down your page for a little time. Generally, it’s not advised to set your business page unpublished.

How to Restrict Posts on your Business Page

It’s advisable your  Facebook Page is Private / restrict post from friends on your page timeline, blocking users from posting on your page timeline is convenient for you because you will be able to manage your page and monitor how you want your page to be.

If you want only your post to show on your page, go to the page settings and uncheck the “everyone can post” box. You can also choose to restrict friends from posting photos on your page.

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You can choose to hide a post or allow post from others through the post visibility settings, you can highlight a recent post from others by clicking the checkmark box at the top of “page timeline”

When your page is published it gives chance for anyone to message and check on your page, you can choose who you want to send you a message.

Your page also has the ability to restrict visitors from outside your country, you can restrict these visitors from country restriction settings and if you are dealing with an adult business you can restrict underage users from viewing adult contents on your page.

Moderating comments on your page

You can choose to moderate comments on your page if you frequently get harassing comments from people. You can choose a keyword that will help to moderate comments, automatically harassing comments will be blocked afterward. One can set an adult language filter by going to page moderation setting and clicking “profanity filter”

Generally, the best way to grow your page and get more likes is by allowing comments from everyone and make it public. These allow people to discuss your content and share media.

But this privacy setting is there to help you moderate spam and malicious comments on your page.


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