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How to Raise Startup Capital: Tips from Investors and Founders

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Over the past few years, I’ve asked further than 250 authors, investors, and counsels from around the world to partake in their fundraising stories so arising authors can learn from their guests. Whether you’re looking for tips on targeting investors, advice for nailing your pitch, or hacks for running a solid round, I’ve likely talked to an author who has been in your shoes. If you are interested in how to raise capital for your business, this is the article to read.

How to Raise Startup Capital, investors and founders tips on how to raise capital

They are many of the most precious pieces of fundraising advice I came across in the once 12 months.

Steer clear of the one- size- fits- all fundraising process

Consider crowdfunding

When Mike Bell faced a down round( a lower valuation than the former round) for Miso Robotics ’ Series C, he turned to crowdfund. Miso raised$ 60 million across its Series C, D, and E rounds from crowdfunding alone, which Bell says is the ideal path for the right incipiency. “ You need to be suitable to tell the story really simply and really easily, ” he says. “ And it needs to reverberate with people. ”

Find the “ super authors ”

When seeking early investors for his incipiency Captain, Demetrius Gray went after authors who had raised at least$ 50 million or exited at over$ 100 million. These educated entrepreneurs offered Demetrius precious feedback, and they supported for him among peers and investors. “ With that countersign, it’s going to continue to open doors, ” he says.However, it just becomes easier by virtue of having former authors on your cap table, “ If you need a preface to a VC. ”

Ask for a preface

“ Enlisting investors to help us suppose about how to make a company that’s fundable and potentially feasible — I couldn’t recommend it more, ” says Astrid Atkinson of cleantech incipiency Camus Energy.

Knowing she was erecting tech for a notoriously delicate client member, Astrid leaned on her network for warm prolusions to knowledgeable investors. Also, she started exchanges about what a feasible company would look like, digging into details of the business model and go-to-request strategy. Some of those exchanges turned into checks for Camus Energy’s musketeers and family and Series A rounds.

Invite everyone for a sit down

After raising traditional rounds with former startups, seasoned entrepreneur Richard White chose to optimize his fundraising by drinking with as numerous investors as possible. His drone app, Fathom, boasts further than 90 investors, including top VC finances like Maven Gambles andCharacter.vc, as well as the authors and CEOs of Reddit, Twitch, and Voyage.

“ I would love to have thousands of small investors, ” he says. “ It’s the person who writes three checks a time doesn’t count the quantum — eschewal of their own piggy bank who’s going to watch much further about your outgrowth than some big VC where( your backing) is one of 10 checks they’re going to write this quarter. ”

Send cold emails

plenitude of fundraising advice focuses on networking and for good reason. But author Michael Bamberger rather set up success nearly entirely through cold outreach, raising$ 7 million for software incipiency Tetra perceptivity. When warm exordiums weren’t working, he doubled down on exploration to target the best-fit investors, and also cold-posted his first batch of five finances, one of which came from his supereminent investor. “ When I changed my criteria to chancing people who were fit, ” he says, “ the process was really quick. ”

Give value and make connections

Scott Kitun, the host of the Technori podcast and co-founder of bespoke song platform Songfinch, is an expert at playing the long game. He abused the connections he forged running a precious podcast to raise the first$ 1 million for Technori in 2018 and to fill a full slate of pitch meetings for Songfinch’s Series A. As he considered an exit for Technori, he erected a economic newsletter and readership — an ideal fit for acquiring company KingsCrowd.

He advises authors to work toward creating value, indeed before launching a incipiency “ I would start fastening my attention on erecting one single asset,( one) you know your( eventuality) acquirers desperately need. ”

Position up your pitch meetings

Let investors know what to anticipate

Frame your meeting as you go, says periodical entrepreneur Iddo Tal, whose live online course Raise the Round teaches investors his step-by-step system for fundraising success. Telling investors what they can anticipate from the meeting outspoken — bone of the way in his seven-step system for meetings that close deals — demonstrates your association and medication, and the effect on investors is immediate.

Give investors a chance to breathe

Demetrius Gray of Captain also set up success in admitting the exacting schedule of back-to-back pitches that investors frequently face. He uses this quick script to give everyone a moment to break before returning focus to the pitch “ Hey, I understand that you’ve had a busy day. I can not imagine how numerous meetings you’ve had so far. I will give you 30 seconds to just take a breath. And also I will start. ”

Stay on task

Investors ’ packed schedules frequently mean authors have veritably narrow windows of occasion in which to communicate their dispatches. Eitan Reisel, the author of gaming fund games, advises keeping your pitch sundeck short and sweet. “ In two seconds, I need to understand what you ’re about, ” he says. “ Tell the story with no further than eight slides who you’re as authors, what you’re structure and what the vision is. ”

Eva Dobrzanska of incipiency consulting establishment True Altitude echoes this advice, pointing out that a pitch sundeck isn’t a deals sundeck. She advises against going into great detail about products or tech in your pitch sundeck. “ I want to know what the product is, but also show me the results, ” she says. “ Show me the traction. Show me your go- to- request. Show me where the people interested in that product are. ”

Identify your Stakeholders


Your incipiency’s success is a function of how good your platoon is, says Biju Ashokan, author of the Radius Agent platform for real estate agents. When it comes to hiring, he looks for people who have preliminarily worked on a successful design and it doesn’t inescapably need to be at a startup. However, they know what works and what doesn’t work, ” he says, “ If they’ve seen growth and witnessed growth. “ Ask them really grueling questions. Make it look like your company is going to be a lot of hard work and see how they reply to those questions. ”


For Kindred co-founders Justine Palefsky and Tas Amina, a significant part of laying the root for their home-switching class platform was engaging in serious “ author courting ” by diving into delicate exchanges outspoken and understanding what each author brings to the table. “ Over time, that’s redounded in us seeing around a lot of corners, ” Tas says. “ The quantum of trust that we’ve in each other allows us to resolve problems and run with them. ”

Don’t try to go it alone. The incipiency trip isn’t an easy bone, so chancing the right mates to walk alongside you can make all the difference.

“ You have to play whatever cards you get dealt. But whenever possible, find people to join up with, ” says Fathom’s Richard White. “ That’s occasionally the hardest thing to do. I plodded for a long time with being the lone wolf in the forestland, and you can’t really get as much done that way. ”


Find the “ true religionists ” in your network. Strong connections with investors can give you a huge head start, whether you’re raising capital for your incipiency or raising your own VC fund. But, as John Zeratsky discovered when looking for limited mates for his fun character.vc, indeed the stylish connections must understand the value of the business model before they’ll write a check. “ We had to understand the geography of limited mates who invest in adventure and figure out who was looking for this kind of exposure, versus the bones just taking a meeting because we know them, ” John says.

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