How to Recover Your WhatsApp and Authenticate/Secure your Whatsapp


It is no doubt that the issue of Whatsapp been hac**ed is really taking over Whatsapp. WhatsApp, and Facebook, which is the most targeted area of which they use to operate. It is said that and it is no news that Whatsapp has over 3.7 billion combine users globally.


And because of this popularity, scammers have seen the social media platform as an opportunity to hac people’s accounts. How do these people get into your account? What they do is to trick you to send or give them the six-digit verification code sent to you.


Which is a One Time Password (OTP) used by WhatsApp to get into your account. If you aren’t smart or careful enough and you eventually send them the code, they will use it to gain access to your account and start using your contact.

However, the good news is that they cannot see your previous chats because chats are stored on your phone. That is why the two-step verification code is very necessary. Now follow the steps below to recover your hacked WhatsApp account and to secure your WhatsApp account:

How to Recover Whatsapp

A lost Whats-App account is very much annoying because you will be left with no other option than frustration. However, that does not mean you can not recover the account back and left with no other option than frustration. The good news here is that you can actually recover that account if you are patient enough and follow the necessary procedures.
Your Whatsapp account has been stolen and you are looking for a means to recover it? Follow the steps below:

  • Do not make the mistake of deleting your account for uninstalling your account. If you choose to uninstall your account, that wouldn’t deactivate your account. You can delete your account from Whats-app itself or you can choose to visit the web support if possible.

However, choosing to delete your WhatsApp account is a process, step, or action that can never be reversed. But trust me when I say it is the best step to take to safeguard your personal information from them.

By choosing to delete your WhatsApp, your message history as well as Google drive backup would be completely cleared as soon as you deactivate your account. Also, another thing you should note concerning Whats-App deletion is that you will be automatically removed from all Whats-App group that you are into.

  • You will get a six-digit code through SMS that Whats-app reads and automatically log you in.
  • As soon as you are logged in, the person who logged into your account would be logged out automatically.
    However, take note that if the hac**er activates two-step verification after he or she must have gained access to your account, you will have to wait for 7 days before you can recover your account again.

How to Secure your WhatsApp account:

  • To prevent your WhatsApp account from scam**mers. Never share your activation code with others or even a stranger.
  • Always endeavor to set up two-step verification.
  • The next step is to send an email to Whatsapp support to WhatsApp support to deactivate your account at [email protected] using the phrase “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the body.

Note: Note that after deactivating your WhatsApp account, you have 30 days to reactivate your account again before it finally gets deleted.

  • Alert family and friends as soon as possible so that they don’t fall victim to the same incident.
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