Facebook Marketplace

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace Successfully

Facebook Marketplace is an option on Facebook that allows businesses to sell goods and services. Facebook is free to join, so is Facebook Marketplace. If you are selling products online, you run a home business, you are a local business providing a service, you can sell on the Facebook Marketplace. You can use the Facebook Marketplace on your Android, Ipad, Iphone5 or your desktop with the help of the Facebook app.

Facebook MarketplaceAvailability

The Facebook Marketplace is available in different countries, which includes: Uruguay, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Slovenia, Singapore, Romania, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Peru, Norway, NewZealand, Denmark, Ecuador, Panama, Italy, Ireland, India, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Malta, France,
Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Luxembourg

The Facebook Marketplace is available to people aged 18 and above.


Facebook Marketplace Rules

To use the Facebook Market place, you must keep to these rules:

Some item cannot be sold on Marketplace

Facebook has a list of items that are not encouraged to be sold on Marketplace, which includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Event tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Illegal drugs
  • Tobacco products
  • Unsafe supplements
  • Ammunition
  • Electronic devices
  • Health care items such as Thermometers, first-aid kits, etc.
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The item you want to sell must be a Physical item

Any item for sale that is not a physical product, can’t be sold on the Marketplace. e.g jokes and news.

  • The description of the item you want to sell must match the image you put.
  • Before and after pictures of a product is prohibited.

Facebook Marketplace Categories

The Facebook Marketplace is categorized into different sections, in which people may list their items. those categories include:

  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Classifieds.
  • Family.
  • Deals.
  • Electronics.
  • Entertainment.
  • Housing.
  • Vehicles.
  • Hobbies.
  • Home & Garden.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is a very easy process. You can create a public listing that can be seen by anyone on Marketplace and also in the news feed, search and other places on Facebook. To sell an item on Facebook:

  • Open Facebook or go to Facebook.com.
  • Click on the Marketplace in the left menu.
  • Then click on ‘+ sell something’, and then click ‘item for sale’.
  • Put a title for your listing, price, location, and select the category for the item. To make an item free, you can put 0 as the price.
  • Click ‘+ 10 photos’ to upload a photo of your product from your computer.
  • Then click on ‘post’.

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