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Hubris (PC VR Shooter): Stunning Game Review

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While companies like Meta and Sony continue to invest heavily in virtual reality, I can’t help but notice that effects feel to be decelerating down on the software side. I can’t flash back to the last time there was a big, instigative new VR-only game. Looking at recent lists of stylish VR games, they’ve substantially filled with games from times ago; where’s the hot new thing? Well, that’s why I took a look at Hubris, a VR shooter trying to be that hot new thing. It clearly has a lot of hard work behind it, but it’s hard to say if that will be enough to bring it mass attention. We would be looking at the Hubris Game review and everything you need to know about this game.

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Hubris starts players off in a spaceship for training and plot exposition. These early moments are incredibly immersive and gave me high expedients for the rest of the game. After the plot is laid out, you move from the boat to the earth, and it looks beautiful. That’s what utmost of the early talk about Hubris concentrated on, and I can see why. While its planetary setting is a bit general( I’ve played a lot of sci-fi VR games over time), there’s no question that it looks great if you have the tackle for it. And indeed if you don’t, the compass and drugs are emotional on low settings too. Beforehand operations have you exploring an area with a lot of water, and it all looks as it should.

Hubris Game Review

hubris game review, ps4 games, gaming

The problem is, once you start playing for a while, the wonder at these illustrations wears off, and you’re left with a lot of little problems that add up. disquisition involves not just climbing( which does work enough well), but also platforming, and platforming in the first person just doesn’t work well. In combat, you’ll find that your ordnance feels to have too little ammo to handle the massive crowds of adversaries that you’ll hassle. Healing particulars snappily come many and far between, indeed in easier difficult situations. And the voice of your commanding officer heard regularly through a drone that follows you through the world, gets veritably annoying veritably presto. ahead long, you have to stop and question why you’re still playing.

Playing Hubris feels like a struggle, and that’s a real shame because there’s a lot of good to be said about the illustrations and surroundings. Indeed when you start going into artificial areas that aren’t exactly stirring, the whole thing stays enough immersive. But every time I started to really get into it, the cheap adversary crowds or inaccurate platforming snapped me out of my absorption. So yes, Hubris does have a lot of hard work behind it. And if you’re up for a challenge and want to play around with some decent surroundings, it may be worth a look. That may be enough to get a lot of attention for the game, too. But the coming big thing in VR, this is not.

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