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Instagram Date: 15 Amazing Ways to Find Date on Instagram


Do you know you can actually find Date on Instagram? You don’t need to visit a dating site to find Love. You can aswell find love on Social Media such as Instagram, Kindly follow up with this article to learn how to go about it. As we all know that Instagram is a big and Influential social Media Platform with billions of active users across the Globe. I don’t need to go deep explaining what Instagram is. I believe we all know how Instagram works, you get to follow and People get to follow you back. Today’s article revolves around Instagram Date that is How to Find a real date on Instagram.

Date on Instagram15 Amazing Ways to Find Date on Instagram

Below are 15 amazing ways to find a real date on Instagram.

  • Firstly, you need an Instagram account, Kindly download the Instagram Application then create an account. An account can also be created via the Instagram official platform at 
  • Next do not Private your account Profile, In other, for you to gain followers, You have to make your Instagram Profile Public.
  • While filling up your Biography, kindly state that you are very much Single. You shouldn’t be shy to say you are single, that is just your relationship status at that moment. There’s might be someone out there who is really crushing on you but might think you are taken. But if you state in your bio that you’re single, you just grant love to real dates.
  • Follow your Crush and Like their Posts, but do not Stalk them with your like, do it slowly.
  • Post nice and Beautiful picture of you on your Instagram Story
  • Follow back people you will like to be friends with or date. If you have new followers kindly check their page to see if they seem interesting, follow them back. You can easily block or unfollow If you don’t like their post.
  • Once in a while use the Hashtag such as #singlelife #love  #relationship and much more.
  • Be sociable by commenting on their post
  • Your update should be more Romantic, write more Quote about love, but don’t appear desperate.
  • Be very active on your page, make sure you reply comments.
  • Begin the conversation by sending a DM.
  • Post-Nice Videos of you on your story, so you crush can hear your lovely voice.
  • Once you and your crush are good on Instagram at the very end, you can now share contact via DM. Make an arrangement to meet in person.

The above steps will help you step up your online dating game with other singles who are interested in you.

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