Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot Duo: What is instant Pot duo? How it Works and How to use it


What is instant Pot duo? As the world tends to move faster lately, we also have to move faster to be in a better place with it. This fast pace has affected the technical aspect of world like cars and airplanes but not just that, our food has also taken part in the limelight, with the new instant pot you have nothing to worry about your food been prepared in no distant time.

Instant Pot Duo

There are lots of instant pot on sales but we have got the best out of the rest for you, you probably want to have a feeling of efficiency and affordability, not to worry, we have got just what you desire, with the instant pot duo your cooking experience is just an ease of stress, let’s check out what the instant pot duo have to offer.


What is an instant pot duo?

An instant pot duo is pressure cooking pot, this pot has the ability to to brown your onions or other ingredient before the main cooking begins, another ability of this cooker is that, it helps bubble dry your food after you finish preparing it.

The instant pot can also help you prepare homemade yogurt and it also has the ability to slow cook food, that’s, you can control the temperature of your cooking, allowing you to prevent your food from overcooking. The instant pot is quite efficient than you can imagine, you can get all your cooking done just in one pot.

Instant pot duo has a total of 14 different cooking methods which other instant pots has just few, aside the other cooking  programs we mentioned, the instant pot processes these cooking programs too.

  • Steam
  • Rice
  • Bean
  • Multigrain
  • Pasteurize
  • Meat
  • Warm
  • Searing
  • Porridge

How does it work?

You are probably aware that water boils at a higher temperature when it’s under pressure, when using the pressure mode on your pot, the pot shortens the lids, as water gets heated, and steams are produce in the pot.

This steam causes pressure increase in the pot making your cooking faster than normal. This pressure forces water to get into ingredients faster that make food cook faster.

You will notice this speedy cooking literally when you want to cook cut meats that are hard before cooking. Pressure cooking mode also adds flavor to food.

It uses the high temperature to brown the surfaces of ingredient, something that the slow cooking doesn’t do but you can still have it done at same spot.

How to use Your Instant Pot

The instant pot can be used in different ways and different programs, these are.

For rice cooking

The instant pot duo is best in cooking rice especially Basmati rice, you just need approximately 15 minutes to cook your rice but you should be careful not to overcook. After your rice is cooked open the lid and fluff it up immediately to let it dry fast. Your rice stick together after cooking.

For pressure cooking

The pressure cooking program is always best for cooking meat or chicken or anything that has bones in it. Pressure cooking is also good for vegetables, but there is a tendency of getting soft.

For slow cooking

When slow cooking the steam vent has to be left opened and you shouldn’t use the pressure mod. If you do slow cooking mostly, you might have the interest of getting a glass lid for your cooking. The duo pot has a high standard base element for cooking things. But you should be sure there is enough heat to cook food properly.

For sautéing ingredients


These program is good for starting your cooking, most especially for onions and other vegetables. It gives you the ability to control temperature of when sautéing. And also increase, you can make use of sautéing for thickening sauce after food.

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