Money Heist Season 5

Is Money Heist a True Story? 5 things we should be Expecting from La Casa de Papel Season 5


Is Money Heist a True Story? 5 things we should be Expecting from La Casa de Papel Season 5. The money heist has always gotten everyone asking different questions. It’s just normal if anyone sees the movie and have the mindset that it was a story based on a real-life scenario. Right from the beginning of the money heist series every episode has always been mined blowing.

Money Heist Season 5

The first season of money heist talks about the heist group attempted to print a huge amount of money at Spain’s royal mint and the third season talks about how the heist group tries to escape one of their own Rio and try to steal from the bank of Spain.


For those that have followed up the money series from the beginning. It’s certain you all want to see more of its drama and thrilling actions. The question “is money heist a true story” has been asked over time from fans globally.

From an interview, it’s confirmed from the writers of the story that money heist was not gotten from a true-life story. It all came from their imagination but there are true-life references to the money heist story.

Story references for the money heist.

In 1971 a man used the name D.B cooper to board a plane. He claimed to have a bomb in the suitcase he was carrying. He said he will blow up the plane if he is not given the sum of $200,000.

When the plane landed and he was given the money he requested, he boarded the plane, ask the rest passengers to get off the plane and he flees. To date no one has been able to recognize or capture D.B Cooper.

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Another story is the story of The Japanese bomb bamboozle where two guards were stopped on the road by a young police officer on their way to Nihon Shintaku Ginko bank.

They were carrying a sum of $817,520. The officer deceived them telling them the truck they were driving has planted dynamite beneath.

When the officer went beneath the as if he was inspecting it some minutes after, the truck started gushing out smoke from beneath, the two guards ran for their lives and the so-called police officer entered the truck and ran with the money.

In as much as we have known money heist was not written through real-life dramas. It still has a touch of what has happened in the past.

Anxiety is all over the air because every single fan of la casa de Papel has been waiting for the upcoming season of the series. Most fans have also gone on the internet to ask how season 5 of the money heist will look like.

What to expect in Money heist (la casa de Papel) Season 5

The report has been gotten from the Spanish website that the money heist still has a lot to offer their fans. Meanwhile, the director, Colmenar Jesus of the series has made it a sure bet that season 5 of la casa de Papel will be released sooner.

You won’t talk about money heist season 5 without talking about the spoiler zone. You all have probably seen different separate heists of the same epic standard.

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Nairobi is dead, Lisbon just rejoined the gang. And the master planner the professor has been tracked by Alicia Sierra a national police officer.

During an interview with Oprah magazine, Alex pina Money heist creator gave a good response on how the 5th season will be.

He said there will be a spin-off of every character and it would be like a compensation season for all loosed ends. Some intelligent fans have spotted a few interesting changes at the end of season 4. When Najwa Nimri that plays the role of Sierra Alicia sang Bella ciao.

Fans now support that she will join the heist group in season 5. It’s advised that fans should not be in a rush because it’s better to wait than be curious.

When is the release date for season 5?

As for the release date of money heist season 5. It has not been stated when it will be released. Every given date as for now is still not sure.

The interval given for the release of season 3 and 4 was 9 months but due to the present pandemic. It can’t be certain that season 5 will be released immediately after 9 months.


You can still catch your Cruise while still waiting for the money heist season 5. Netflix still got loads of interesting movie series. Or you can probably stream the money heist documentary or the behind the scene videos.

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