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Joe Biden: President-Elect Turns 78 Today is an Achievement in Longevity


Joe Biden, President-Elect turns 78 today. The Democratic Party Leader Joe Biden who was elected as the  46th President is celebrating his 78th birthday today.

In less than 2 months, Joe Biden will take the reins of a politically fractured nation facing the reins of a politically wounded nation facing the worst public health crisis.

Joe Biden


High unemployment and reckoning on racial injustice. as he battles with those crises. The President-elect will be attempting to fulfill another feat to Americans that age is but a number and he is up to the task.

Out of the Blue, Mr. Joe Biden will be anxious to demonstrate he’s got the strength to serve. However, the current President of the United States is 4 years younger than Joe Biden.

President Elect’s team showed his medical history last year. Proving Joe is perfectly fit to take control and command of America even after such an age. According to Obama, Joe Biden’s favorite food is Ice Cream.

Biden had also congratulated Kamala Harris on her birthday as well saying they hope they both celebrate the New Year with Ice-cream.

Mr. Biden’s age has been a topic on the campaign trail and Republic has seen he is capable of ruling the country, President-Elect has served as a senator six times in a role but failed in the presidential race in 1988 and also 2008.

Delighted to become the president, Biden arrived from Delaware,

made his greatest breakthrough by managing to win a presidential race and beating all his rivals most especially President Donald Trump.

Biden was the youngest senator to become a leader at age 29 in 1972.

Mr. Biden is Set To Become The Oldest President In U.S History.

Joe Biden has become the oldest person to be elected as the incoming President of the United State at 78 years.

This means he will be 78 when he is inaugurated on January 20, 2021. However, the average age of a president upon inauguration is 55 according to the White House.

The youngest president elected in history is John F. Kennedy who was 43 when he was sworn in. Mr. Joe Biden has defeated Donal Trump even though Trump is yet to concede. As of January 20, 2021, next year, Mr. Biden will take the most powerful position in the world.

78 candles on his birthday cake today is a remarkable achievement in longevity for anyone. Mr. Biden has plenty to celebrate, apart from him winning the election, he has thanksgiving to do next week.

Although Biden suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms in 1988, this does not stop him from becoming the President of the United State. Donald Trump did not miss an opportunity to highlight Joe Biden’s gaffes and argue that Joe lacked the mental acuity to lead the nation.

He recalled his eight-year tenure as a vice president to Barak Obama, and he spoke of strengthening relations with India and that Indo-American relations would remain his responsible if elected as president.

Notwithstanding, Joe has always been a champion of strengthening Indo- American relations. He attributed his light schedule to be cautious during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Joe Biden has proven far more effective with his public remarks since Election Day.

Mr. Biden’s choice of Senator Kamala Harris more than 20 years younger than him, as his running mate productively acknowledged his age issue.

Who is Joe Biden?

This is a man who has tried to become president for three decades and now that dream has become a reality.

Does he have the stamina for Four years in the White House?

Mr. Joe Biden has been Knocking around American politics for half a century. However, his political career began when Richard Nixon was in the White House and then America was still sending men to the moon.

This man has suffered more personal loss. His strength, character, and also his skills are what America needs in these wounded times. Joe’s reign will help him prevails over all his rivals especially Donald Trump.

His ability to rise above the tragedy of his loss of his wife and his one-year-old daughter in a car crash is well known. Even when others might have fallen, Mr. Joe Biden, himself found the strength to carry on.

One of the reasons he chose not to run against Donald Trump was because of the loss of his son. Who died of brain cancer. His eight years as a vice president have allowed him to claim Barrack Obama’s successes as he won both abroad and home including.


Mr. Joe Biden spent five decades in Washington. faced a well known to the American Public. And having served two times during the tenure of President Barack Obama. The President-elect has a large number of  Americans of Indian descent with close ties to Indian politicians.

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