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Joe Biden Will Nominate Antony Blinken as Secretary of State


Joe Biden, President-elect plans to nominate longtime adviser and veteran foreign policy hand Antony Blinken to serve as his secretary of state. While for the role of national security. He picks another confident adviser, Jake Sullivan. Then Linda Thomas Greenfield to be nominated to serve as Biden’s ambassador.

Joe Biden

A veteran diplomat, according to two people familiar with the nomination discussions.


Blinken 58 years is considered a moderate who is well regarded by foreign diplomats. And can pass muster with Republicans in the Senate.

Where he will have to seek confirmation also served as an intermediary for Biden. A member of the progressive community at the same time.

The Advisers to the president-elect. Mr Joe Biden transition has said they’ll make their first Cabinet announcement on Tuesday.

Blinken is expected to be among the first nominations, with Joe Biden sending a signal that rebuilding America’s alliances is one of his top responsibilities.

Blinken also served in the Obama administration as deputy secretary of state and principal deputy national security adviser.

During the Barack Obama Administration’s foreign policy. Blinken played an important role including how to answer to Russia’s incursion into Crimea in 2014.

And combating a baseless view pushed by Mr President that the agency was part of a deep state working against the Republican leader.

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Earlier to the Obama administration, Blinken worked as the Democratic staff director to the United States Senate Foreign Committee.

Donald Trump’s General Services Administration has yet to accept and concede that Mr. Joe Biden won the 2020 Election.

The President’s national security advisor is one of the most important and most powerful jobs in the White House.

Joe Biden: Chinese Government Advisor Says Mr Biden is a Weak President

Mr. President elects Joe Biden’s administration, a Chinese government advisor has said that Beijing should be prepared for a tough stance from Washington.

Mr. Biden might take the advantage of the public resentment towards china after he is sworn as the President on January 20th.

If he can sort out the domestic issues, then Mr. Biden is definitely a very weak President.

President-Elect is being watched to know if he will make history by choosing the first woman to lead the Pentagon, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the Treasury Department.

Mr. Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain has no details about which department heads Biden would first declare.

However, the relationship between the United States and China has worsened under President Donald Trump, for so many different reasons. Including Covid-19 handling and also human rights.

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Chinese foreign policy specialist have expected tension between the United States and China to continue under the Biden presidency,

Mr Biden is most likely to name his cabinet picks in tranches with a group of nominees focused on a specific top area, like the economy, national security.

The President’s national security advisor is one of the most important and most powerful jobs in the White House.

The country has been through a lot of damages over the past four years now and it is time to rebuild.

Mr Joe Biden has guaranteed to rebuild the most different government in modern history with him and his team.

Donald Trump’s administration’s refusal to concede and clear the way for Joe Biden’s team to have access to key information agencies.


And federal dollars for the transition is talking its levy on planning. Mr Blinken served as national security adviser to Mr. Biden when he was a former Vice President to President Obama.

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