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Joe Biden won the Electoral College, but it’s still a huge Problem


Joe Biden won the Electoral College but it’s Still a Huge Problem. The Electoral College has never felt more outdated than during the first week of November 2020. The Americans have to wait for four days to learn if Joe Biden or Donald Trump would be the er next president even though the famous vote winner was clear almost immediately.

Joe Biden

In a period of 24 hours, Joe Biden has created an insurmountable two million vote lead that has grown to more than seven million. However, due to the odd way the president is being nominated. Fewer thousand votes in key swing states matter more than millions nationwide.


Not until Joe Biden’s margins in Nevada and Pennsylvania grew huge enough that he was announced victorious. In a Nick of time, there is a big chance 2020 will be the last time a nominee can win the presidency while losing the popular vote.

Mr. Joe Biden is going to be a man on a small lonely island trying to unite the country. President-elect Joe Bien will spend 2021 trying to return America to what he believes a normal time.

Joe Biden: The White House Sprucing up for His Arrival

The President-elect may mostly be missing out on the usual big public gathering for his inauguration due to the pandemic. But anyhow, Joe Biden will be moving into nice clean digs. Though beefing up security and working. To make sure the health and safety of everyone involved with Joe Biden’s swearing-in are the first concern.

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Meanwhile, The White Housse is dropping a little over $44,000 on what’s listed as inauguration Carpet Cleaning. However, because of COVID-19 concerns, Joe Biden’s inauguration is getting scaled back with the ceremony. Having an extremely limited footprint and a reimagined parade.

Yet, they have been setting up the stage since the beginning of November. And not allowing any expenses n securing it to make sure Biden and Kamala Harris are in good hands. However, everybody in the White Will is walking on good and clean carpets.

Americans Reject More Trump Investigations

Americans are not interested in any more Democratic investigations of Donald Trump and his administration. An expensive, unproductive, and unwarranted probe of Mr. Donald Trump’s activities is not one of them, advising that Americans have a case of impeachment tiredness.

Some claim the vetoes are poor judgment and ineffective policy. One analyst says that Mr. Donald Trump isn’t doing what he promised to do from the beginning.

Mr. Trump has just about three weeks left in the White House, but he still continues to stand fast on his false claims of the deceptive election. Though, The president is trying to stay on the same message he brought with him in the earliest of days.

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Donald Trump is a man of few talents and little skill. Though he has two talents that have served him well during his tenor at the office. The ability to suck up all the media oxygen in the room and also utter shamelessness. But soon he will be leaving the White House and Mr. Joe Biden will take over from him in spite of his inciting attempts at a coup.


There will also be huge progressive publications that will see it as their pursuit to push the Joe Biden Administration as far to the left as possible.

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