Jumia Black Friday 2018 – What you need to know about it


Yaay!!! Jumia Black Friday is here again. Every Year many people anticipate the Jumia black Friday like it is the second Christmas Celebration in a year. Jumia Black Friday comes with a lot of benefits. On Jumia Black Friday People enjoy discounts on every product available on the online store. The black Friday will hold from 2nd of November to 30th of November 2018.

You can get a minimum discount of 1% and maximum discount up to 80%. The Jumia Black Friday offers You can get a smartphone or TV for a ridiculously low price. You will also get some certain offers when you download the jumia app on your device. Kindly click HERE to download the Jumai for Android and HERE for an iOS device. Below are some of the benefits of the jumia black Friday.

Benefits of Jumia Black Friday

  • With the jumia black Friday, you will get 80% discount on the product from all categories on the platform.
  • You will get Discounts from all participating brands on jumia.com.
  • Within the Black Friday period, you will get Flash sales that last only for a short while. But it offers insane discounts to all users.
  • All Customers will enjoy Daily giveaways for a whole month from Jumia.
  • Treasure Hunt is also one of the benefits of the jumia black Friday.
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Jumai Black Friday Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is just like a game. An item will be hidden randomly on the website, for example, a Tv can be hidden in Women’s Shoe category, under the name “Slippers”. Only one item is available per treasure hunt. The treasure hunt offers a 99% discount on the product.

Any items gotten by anybody during the treasure hunt is FREE because it is 99% off. 2018 Jumia black Friday will be offering 5 weeks treasure hunt deals. It will commence on Friday the 2nd of November and end on the 30th of November. 10+ Treasure Items will be available every Friday and 2+ daily from Mondays to Thursdays.

The images below will show you the date, time and item available for the treasure hunt for Jumia black Friday WEEK 1. Note that you have to order the item fast once you find it so that someone else won’t get it before you.


Friday 2nd Treasure Hunt Items:

Monday 5th Treasure Hunt Items:

Tuesday 6th Treasure Hunt Items:

Wednesday 7th Treasure Hunt Items:

Thursday 8th Treasure Hunt Items:

NOTE: We will be updating this post weekly to follow up with the new releases. So kindly follow up with us on this platform to get the new treasure hunt releases.

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