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Health Tips: Keeping Your Nails Safe from Hamattan!

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As the rainfall cools, most of us know that we need to upgrade our skincare. But your nails need seasonal care as well. December signals that Christmas is coming, the Harmattan season is then. The dry air is especially rough on your hands, your nails are more likely to resolve, crack or tear and your cuticles are more likely to be agonized by hangnails. Indeed your polish is more likely to mince!

Keep Your Nails Safe from Hamattan!, beauty, fashion

But not to worry, the moment we bring you three essential tips that will help to cover your nails and spangle vacation manicure all through the season.

Slip and Wear Gloves

There’s an easy procedure you can do by yourself


• One mug ocean swab

• One-half mugs of oil painting, similar to Sweet Almond, Jojoba, or a massage oil painting

• many drops of essential oil painting, similar to Rosemary or Lemon

• Mix the swab and oil painting together.

• Add the essential oil painting and mix everything well.

• Apply to your hands, taking care to rub gently in indirect patterns around the nails, tips, and over the cuticles.

• Focus on rough areas.

• wash well with tepid or warm water.

When going about conditioning that involves cleansers and cleaners that may be harsh on your fingernails, and beget drying, splitting, and shelling use gloves to snappily help these. Also, don’t overuse your nails as cuticles can dry out from repetitious hand washing and manicures, so if they aren’t given redundant protection with a nutritional cuticle cream, they will crack and resolve, increasing the threat of nail infection.

Always Keep your Hands and Nails Moisturised

Keep Your Nails Safe from Hamattan!, beauty, fashion

Olive oil painting and Petroleum Jelly are good affordable home beauty treatments to use that will strengthen your nails and fortify weak or shelling nails. Cuticle creams will also soothe and nourish dry cuticles and brittle damaged nails.

Eat for Your Nails

This season make sure your diet features foods rich in Biotins, similar to Soybeans, Peanuts, Green sap, Walnuts, Liver, and cooked Eggs. In addition to other health benefits, Biotin can help strengthen and cake nails.

fresh Tips

• Don’t try to retire cuticles, use a nail clipper and gently clip from the root.

• Keep your polish looking perfect by dabbing a bitsy drop of nail polish way across the nail to indeed the old-looking polish, so a new fleece of nail polish can blend fluently. Apply a new subcaste of nail color to the minced nail and let dry.

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