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Kim Kardashian finally Breaks her Silence on West’s Rants by Giving a Statement on His Bipolar Disorder


Kim Kardashian finally decided to take a step on Kanye West rants about her by releasing a statement about his mental health issues. She posted on her Instagram status.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian



Concerning his experience with bipolar disorder. Claims state that a divorce lawyer has been called.
Though Kanye claimed that ever since Kim went to a hotel room with rapper Meek Mill, he had been trying to divorce her.

Who is Meek Mill?

Rapper Meek Mill has pulled in the drama of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. After Kanye made the statement of him being the reason why he is seeking a divorce.

In a thread that is now deleted, Kanye said that Kim went into a hotel together with Meek to discuss prison reform. But he is suspicious that something happened between them. Kanye West said that with elaborating further.

Kanye later said that “Meek is my man and was respectful” but rather criticized Kim for being “out of line”.
It has now been claimed that Kim has met with divorce lawyers in order to discuss the future of their relationship.

However, when Kim discussed her recent outburst on Instagram, she made no mention of the divorce.
It has also been claimed that Kim is holding off on divorcing her husband for now. Because it doesn’t look good.

West posted a series of tweets, which were later deleted late on Monday. He was claiming that his wife was trying to get him locked up on medical grounds.  While comparing himself to Nelson Mandela.

After West launched his U.S. presidential campaign with a rambling rally in Charleston, South Carolina. At that event, he said tearfully referencing a decision he made with his wife Kim Kardashian not to abort a pregnancy.

Who turned out to be their daughter North, seven. Kardashian’s representative also did not respond to requests for comments on those remarks at that time.


Kanye West, 43, who was a former supporter of President Donald Trump, has left voters confused. Over determining if his campaign is genuine or just a publicity stunt to aid him in selling albums or merchandise.

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