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Labyrinth of Zangetsu: Game Review

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The good old RPG has been around since enough much the dawn of gaming. These grand searches of brand and witchery, globes and aliens, and everything in between come in numerous forms but all of these styles follow an introductory formula that just keeps us coming back for more. However,( doubtful,) or you’ve been living under a gemstone for all this time an RPG simply sees you taking the part of a character or band of characters before transferring them on a hunt or adventure, If you’ve no way played a videogame. I’m not tutoring my granny to stink eggs, just covering the bases, let’s get back on content. The RPG kidney has always been one of my pets and I’ve played numerous titles hailing from its fabled species over time. I’ve just added a new one to this list and obviously had to tell you how I got on. We’re looking at Labyrinth of Zangetsu on PS4 moment. Let’s see if it’s worth its swab.

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What makes this game really special is the aesthetic that’s being used and the great quantum of care that’s easily been taken to make Maze of Zangetsu feel like a commodity straight out of a book of Japanese legend. The plates are beautifully painted and the characters you meet, all fit the theme impeccably. This feels lower than a game that’s been inspired by commodity,( inspired meaning, met in passing but also we went and did our own thing,) and more like one that’s really embedded in its source material. I absolutely love this. However, make sure you do it justice, If you’re going to follow in the steps of commodity as deep and various as another culture. This is a commodity we veritably much see then and it’s applaudable. This is also the perfect segway to the bitsy quantum of the story I’m going to tell you.

Labyrinth of Zangetsu Game Style

labyrinth of zangetsu game review, games, gaming, ps4 games

In and of itself the overall playstyle used in Labyrinth of Zangetsu isn’t one for me. This is a turn-grounded RPG that was taken from the first-person perspective. You’ll move around the chart and get thrown into battles as brutes appear in front of you in the form of a bank. Your party can be seen at the bottom of the screen and in combat you’ll jump between your teammates having them attack, cast spells, and so on.

This format has been going since the early 90s and presumably before that. I wasn’t a addict of it also and I’m still not. I can’t put my cutlet on why because all the factors are great it’s just no way the design that’s done it for me. Does this mean that I’m going to be marking this title consequently? No, of course, it doesn’t. Just because I don’t like commodities doesn’t mean it’s the fault of the game, it’s a taste thing and you might love it. If you’re someone that prefers a more isometric approach to your RPGs it’s really worth noting however on account of this being a huge part of the core gameplay

One thing I don’t like about the Labyrinth of Zangetsu is the way death works. Losing your party members is incredibly easy as the monsters you’ll face hit hard and are a redoubtable force indeed at the veritably morning of the game. If one of your party dies you’ll need to go back to base camp and revitalize them at the tabernacle there. This is fine, but it costs gold and there’s only a percentile chance it’ll work.

Labyrinth of Zangetsu Game Layouts

For me, it should be that it’s free but comes with a threat or that it’s precious and works every time. If you’ve got a teammate to a decent position and also can’t get them back you’re wasting coffers and this is frustrating at stylish. As I’m complaining about this handyperson I can also see why they’ve enforced it. You won’t go placing your platoon at gratuitous threat knowing they aren’t just going to respawn. This makes you watch them a lot further. I just wish they’d set up a slightly less cautioning way of doing this.

What I find frustrating is the way your platoon layout works. You have a front and back row and strategically this is fine, you don’t want your spell casters and ranged colors sitting right in the line of fire. The problem is that spellcasters can only cast so numerous spells of each rank per trip into the maze and being Magians they aren’t stylish with an armament.

This means that your squishy wizards suddenly come useless because they can’t cast spells. And they might as well be blowing on the adversary for all the damage they’re doing. Adding personality to injury you have to flash back to make sure they’re carrying munitions that can hit from a distance. They won’t be attacking anything at all. Having a platoon of six-comers is brilliant but when you’re going up against a tough opponent and you can only use three of them effectively you’re putting yourself at a real disadvantage. So what can we say about gameplay?

Maze of Zangetsu

In Maze of Zangetsu, the battles are addicting and you’re kept on your toes because you’re in no way a hundred percent sure what adversaries you’ll be facing at any given point. You can’t prepare for status goods if you don’t know what drug you need to be carrying so this adds a position of challenge that I relatively like. The strike is that this is a menu-grounded system and clicking from command to command can come a little tedious.

Thankfully, there’s a reprise command that simply renewals the last set of orders you gave but you need to be careful then if you’ve got spells being cast in that sequence so you don’t waste them. At the end of each battle, you’ll find and open a casket, get some gear, and move on. You fall into a routine of walking, fighting, and collecting really snappily. It’s forfeiture for short sessions but I suppose some could find gameplay a bit repetitious over longer ages. It’ll depend on the player but I suppose you’ll either take it in your stride and it won’t bother you or you’ll really notice it and it’ll launch to grate on you relatively snappily

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