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Law Degrees: Different Types of Law Degree

You might wonder what they call a law degree, well, people who go to a law school have many varieties of law degrees. And they all exist at the level of post-bachelor. The common degree that you need to practice law in the USA is the Juris Doctor (JD).

Law DegreesIt is like the basic of all degrees, everyone who has worked as a lawyer both past and present has earned the JD degree. Even many other scholars that did not practice law may also have a JD degree.

To become a lawyer according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it requires a two degrees minimum that will take up to 7 years of full-time study to achieve.


It takes 4 years for an undergraduate degree, while the following 3 years of law degree is earned from a school that is accredited by the ABA.

If you want to be a lawyer, you should have in mind that there are generally three different types of law degrees you can earn in the USA. Which are Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and finally Doctor of Juridical Science.

Juris Doctor.

This is the first degree a person can earn becoming a lawyer, it allows you to practice law within the USA. It takes three years to earn the Juris Doctor degree, but it started after you have completed your college bachelor’s degree.

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Meanwhile, there are some Juris Doctor degrees you can complete combining other masters degree programs in some areas of law, like a business and public policy. Though it will take over three years to finish these programs.

However, In your first year, you will study some basic topics like civil procedure, international law, and also criminal law.

While in the second and third year you will need to major on your personal interest courses. Some electives in some areas can be taken in your second and third year, as business and taxes.

Master of Laws.

Most of the master degrees you earn in law schools are the first level of a graduate degree in a subject. Once you have obtained the Juris Doctor degree the next degree you can earn is a Master’s Degree.

Meanwhile, it takes only a year to complete full time a master’s degree in law. A student will need to major in a particular area of law, like, human rights law, technology law, taxation, environmental law, etc.

However, there are many other concentrations in Master of law degree. The master degree is very beneficial for international lawyers that want to be very familiar with the law practice legally in the United State.

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Doctor of Juridical Science.

The highest form of law degree available in the United States of America is the Doctor of Juridical Science. You can finish the degree in three years of full-time students. After finishing this program an individual is qualified to work in an academic setting as law professors.

A Doctor of Juridical Science is based more on research intensively and students are required to know their research interest before starting the application process in the program.

Students work with an advisor in their first year in the Doctor of Juridical Science degree. This is to determine your course requirements.

Before you can be studied for the Doctor of Juridical Science, you must have gotten your Juris Doctor degree and also your master of law degree.

There are some schools that have some specific degree one will have before going for the Doctor of Juridical Science degree.


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