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Layers Of Fear (2023) Movie Review – Delusions Of Grandeur

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Bloober Team’s original Layers of Fear( 2016) came to a nearly late gaming sensation when its mind-bending Steam Early Access interpretation gave players some truly imaginative sights.

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The effect continued the original’s themes of tortured artists, but shifted a painter for an actor, and offered arguably indeed more inventive illustrations. Both games were, in my opinion, fine, but nothing further. Now, revived on fantastic Machine 5 with new content interspersed with what was there ahead, Layers of Fear( 2023) looks to be the definitive way to witness the horror series. still, its hangouts remain largely empty.

The new machine makes the game a visual standard, but it still feels more like a haunted house at a theme demesne, offering the vision of peril but noway commodity unfeignedly hanging.

Maybe the first chain in critiquing the series’ reinvention is explaining exactly what this package offers. Layers of Fear and its effect both return roughly 80 the same as you may have endured them ahead. Some scenes have been redesigned or added– or indeed removed if my memory serves me rightly.

The layer of Fear Game Theme

Both games admit new but eventually shallow mechanics allowing for many combat sections in which you will need to blast stalking ghosts with light to stall them while you escape their maze- suchlike settings. The first game’s brief heritage DLC is also included, and a brand-new DLC meant to wrap the series up more neatly than ahead, The Final Note, makes its debut.

The stylish part of all of this is actually the framing narrative, The Pen’s Story. erected directly into the game as you progress through its connected corridor, you will routinely jump back to a lighthouse where a pen tells the story of the game’s other haunted artists the painter, the actor, and the musician.

Like those in the main games, the pen is dealing with her own hauntings, and I find the format majestic and relatively new for the medium. It feels like a horror florilegium, similar to V/ H/ S, only in this case, all the individual stories eventually partake a macrocosm.

This delivery is compelling, but it has the odd effect of making each individual piece further of a letdown, as they largely struggle to hold up on their own. Layers of Fear has always been more like a recreation demesne lift than a survival-horror experience, and that MO just does not feel conducive to generating factual pressure.

New Performances

Indeed in these new performances– which try to add further possible game-over defenses– moments are too scripted and adversaries are principally missing. The novelty of entering a room, seeing commodity weird, and also turning to find the terrain has seamlessly changed before you are sometimes mind-melting, but noway, ever scary.

The first game also feels hopeless to avoid being misknown, to the point where its story is laid out so bare, it betrays the word” show, do not tell” at every turn. The Final Note DLC seeks to over-explain indeed more by putting you in the part of the one person you noway play as in the original or its heritage DLC.

Heritage also winds up being mechanically frustrating due to some confusing mystifications, but its intent to show the world through the eyes of a child makes it more memorable than anything the other pieces do unless you count the new DLC’s broken adversary hassles, during which the ghost chasing me get wedged halfway in the floorboards.

The highlight is clearly Layers of Fear 2, which does more with its setting and story than the rest of the series combined. Unlike the needlessly overt original, the effect is maybe too shrouded in conceit at times, though it does make making it altogether more intriguing.


While the other games all take place in endless darkness, Layers of Fear 2 is set aboard a voyaging boat where a movie was to be mugged, and it’s not hysterical to turn the lights on at times, constantly toying with different palettes and decor. It winds up more memorable than the original’s house, which feels the same room to room, albeit with some terrible scenes of its own to play off of.

The story is at formerly a crooked tale of system amusement, a dark tragedy, and a nearly constant homage to horror’s history, with nods to The Shining, Psycho, and more laid-out like displays in a horror gallery. It’s all recited by actor Tony Todd too, who makes a great fit given the tenor of his voice, particularly if you are familiar with his body of work like Candyman and Final Destination.

Still, not indeed Layers of Fear 2 can break free of the series’ impediment. Gameplay across the series largely comes down to walking, opening doors, and seeing what weird scene awaits on the other side. Some light mystifications mix up the pacing, but the new chase sequences feel one-note, numerous of them indeed using the same dialogue lines time after time.

To its credit, this new edition is erected on fantastic Machine 5 and seems to use the new Lumen lighting technology, which makes games like Fortnite so jaw-dropping to look at. Then, the colors are naturally not as bright as Epic’s cartoonish battle royale, but the lighting tech is dazing nevertheless. I stopped in my tracks numerous times across the 10- 12 hours it takes to finish all five guests simply because the game looks amazing.

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