Midnight Sun Review – Midnight Sun Cast and Trailer


Midnight Sun, A 2018 American romantic film released in the same week with Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim. The film is a short drama based on the Japanese film of the same name.

The film is directed by Scott Speer and written by Eric Kirsten.Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger are the stars of the film along with Rob Riggle. It is a story about a teenage girl with a disease that prevents her from going into Sunlight.She finally falls in love but her life becomes threatened by her condition which makes her unable to live a normal life.


Midnight Sun Cast

  • Bella Thorne stars as Katie Price
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger is Charlie, Katie’s lover
  • Rob Riggle as Jack Price, Katie’s dad
  • Tiera Skovbye is Zoe Carmichael
  • Quinn Shephard stars as Morgan, Katie’s friend
  • Paul Mcgillon as Blake Jones
  • Ken Tremblett plays Mark
  • Nicholas Coombe is Garber
  • Austin Obiajunwa as Owen
  • Alex Pangburn plays Owen

Midnight Sun Plot

Katie Price has been sheltered since her childhood until she is 17. She is diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Xeroderma pigmentosum which makes her sensitive to the sun so she only goes out at night. She is housebound during the day with the company of her father and best friend Morgan.

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Katie’s world came crashing down when she meets Charlie whom she failed to reveal her condition to him. After series of outings at night, Charlie decides to make her see the rising sun and Katie absconded. Before Katie could head back home to shelter herself from the sun, it was already too late. Katie is reacting to the sun’s exposure in which she eventually dies.

Midnight Sun Production

The principal filming and photography of the film took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film was financed by Boies/Shiller Film Group and its a film aimed at Young adults. However, it was later announced that Open Road Films will be in charge of distribution.

The film has grossed over $4 million in the United and Canada precisely. The film is clinching the tenth spot at the box office. It was projected to gross about $5 million in theatres during its debut weekend.


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