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Money Heist Season 5 New Cast Members and Net Worth

Money Heist has announced numerous new cast members ahead of the debut of its fifth season. The Show, sometimes titled La Casa De Papel, is a Spanish criminal drama that began as a limited series on a Spanish network.

However, Netflix bought the series’ streaming rights in 2017 and began distributing the episodes globally. The series, which follows a criminal mastermind, The Professor, and his crew of eight individuals as they attempt the world’s largest robbery, was such a hit that Netflix renewed it with a larger budget. Money Heist’s fifth and final season is planned to air on September 3rd.

Money Heist: New Cast Members

money heist New Cast Members


Money Heist has announced the addition of Miguel Angel Silvestre, Patrick Criado, and José Manuel Sedar to the cast of season 5. Two of these cast members will play characters that are already firmly ingrained in the lives of two of the show’s current characters. Criado will portray Rafael, Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) son, while Silvestre will portray René, Tokyo’s (Ursula Corberó) true love who was murdered during a heist. Meanwhile, Sedar will join as Sagasta’s Special Forces Commander.

Money Heist’s cast expansion is almost certainly required as the show prepares for an explosive final season. The season will be presented in two parts and will conclude with the robbers’ final confrontation with the Spanish military. Along with the dramatic combat, it appears as though season 5 will tackle some serious emotional circumstances as Berlin and Tokyo face up against characters and ghosts from their past. Rafael and René are both likely to provide additional details about Berlin and Tokyo’s backstories, which may explain why Corberó cried during the filming of Money Heist season 5. Money Heist Season 5 may be the series’ most ambitious ever, with tremendous action and a deep dig into the past.

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The Aggregate Net Worth Of Major Money Heist Cast

Ursula Corbero’s net worth

money heist

Ursula Corbero is one of the show’s principal actors, having portrayed Tokyo. According to many media sources, the net worth is approximately $3 million, or more than 22 crores in Indian rupees. She earns money by appearing in films, promoting brands, and attending events.

Alvaro Morte’s Net Worth

money heist

Alvaro Morte is the show’s primary actor, portraying the character El Professor. He achieved success with his Bella Ciao rendition and has amassed a sizable fan base. The actor is well-known in the entertainment world and earns money by appearing in films, television series, and endorsing goods. Alvaro Morte’s net worth is reported to be over $ 2 million, or approximately 15 crore INR, according to sources from various media outlets.

Itziar Ituno’s Net Worth

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Itziar Ituno played Raquel Murillo on the show. She received high appreciation for her performance on the show and has a sizable fan base. According to media reports, her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. According to media reports, the actor earns money from on-screen appearances and numerous business endorsements.

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Miguel Herrán’s Net Worth

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Miguel Herrán played the role of Rio. He has a devoted following. According to media reports, his net worth is $1 million, or around 15 crore rupees, as of 2020. Miguel earns money from her acting profession, appearances at events, and brand sponsorships.

Lorente López’s Net Worth

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On the show, the actor plays Denver. According to media sources, the actor is worth $2.5 million, or around ten crores in Indian rupees. The actor has amassed wealth as a result of his performing career and numerous brand sponsorships.

Esther Acebo’s Net Worth

money heist

Esther Acebo portrays Mónica Gaztambide. She has a sizable fan base and has appeared in a number of other films and television series. According to numerous media outlets, the actor’s net worth exceeds $500 thousand, or almost three crores Indian rupees.


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