Moon Movies To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo Mission


In honor of mankind’s achievement, we bring you the best moon movies ever. A lot can be said of how far we have come as human. There isn’t much that surpasses landing on the moon.

Top Moon Movies Of All Time

50 years ago human did the unthinkable. That achievement has written names on the sands of time forever. The same achievement made these movies immortal.

For All Mankind (1989)

Director: Al Reinert


For all mankind is a documentary movie not only honors the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing but also tells the human story of mankind’s odyssey to the Moon. The movie for All Mankind creates the impression of a single space journey and uses fascinating NASA footage and audio interviews to encapsulate the tireless efforts and wonderment of the astronauts and mission control crew working back in Houston.


A Grand Day Out (1989)
Director: Nick Park


One night, Wallace and Gromit are wondering where to spend the upcoming bank holiday when they discover they have run out of cheese at home. Which leads to the duo to build a rocket and go on a Moon holiday because, as everybody knows, “the moon’s made of cheese.”

Apollo 13 (1995)

Director: Ron Howard


The movie Apollo 13 is based on a true-life story about the ill-fated third Moon landing mission. Then in 1970, astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert are three days into a Moon mission when an on-board explosion deprives the crew of its oxygen and power supplies. The Apollo 13 crisis immortalized the words “Houston, we have a problem,” after which the three men face a desperate struggle to get home safely.

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The Dish (2000)

Director: Rob Sitch


Based on a true story, this quirky comedy. Tells the story of the Apollo 11 moon landing and The Parkes Radio Telescope observatory in New South Wales, Australia. Antennas at Goldstone in California and Honeysuckle Creek in Canberra, Australia, but this movie concentrates on after what happened to NASA, switched to the remote Australian Parkes station located right in the middle of an Australian sheep farm.

Magnificent Desolation (2005)

Director: Mark Cowen


Between 1969 and 1972, NASA’s Apollo missions. Attempted 7 Moon landings, six of which were successful bar the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission. Starting with Apollo 11 and ending with Apollo 17.Where twelve men walked on the surface of the MFFFfoon and this documentary pays homage to those missions.

In the Shadow of the Moon (2007)

Director: David Sington


This documentary offers a compelling account of the historic Apollo space program, as poignantly told by its surviving astronauts. Stunning NASA film footage, images. And fascinating interviews reveal a tantalizing. Glimpse into the souls of the first men ever to set foot on a celestial body outside of the planet Earth.

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Moon (2009)

Director: Duncan Jones


The Moon Movies, Lunar Industries employee Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) alongside his computer. GERTY, are the sole occupants of a Helium-3 mining base on the Moon. Towards the end of his 3-year stint in space. The young man sam has an accident in his lunar harvester and soon after begins to suspect that something is very odd about his life on the lunar station.

Despicable Me (2010)

Director: Chris Renaud

This movie, Beneath a black house in a quaint suburban neighborhood, lies a vast secret. Hideout headed by super-villain Gru alongside his small army of minions. After a mysterious criminal genius steals one of the pyramids in Egypt. A jealous Gru then resolves to go one.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Director: Michael Bay


During the Autobots and Decepticons war. The Cybertronian spacecraft crashes on Earth’s Moon Movies with a technology capable of changing the tide of the alien civil war. In 1969, NASA then manages to send the Apollo 11 crew to investigate the disturbance. But 40 years after the wreck’s discovery the alien war threatens to engulf the Earth. Ok, this movie may have been slated for its Holywood excesses.


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