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Movie Review: How “Beyond the Veil”: A Rare Gem that Surpasses Viewer’s Expectations

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Whether it’s sound flicks like The Two Aishas or the family comedy-drama, The Kujus Again, diversity is getting the norm in Nollywood. Beyond the Veil Nollywood movie is set to blow your mind.

Movie Review: How “Beyond the Veil”: A Rare Gem that Surpasses Viewer's Expectations, a rare gem, movie, nollywood, actors, actresses

Although it still has a veritably long way to go, especially in its representation of other ethnical groups beyond the three popular ones, indigenous filmmakers are further than ever promoting the authenticity of Nigerian stories through different stories.

Still, the series ’ eventuality isn’t belittled by entirely poor scripting or bad cinematography; it’s the patron’s choice not to give it the marketing sweats it desperately needs. Beyond the robe is nearly like a retired gem that requires strong word of mouth to thrive among the Nigerian followership.

Beyond The Veil Plot

On the first occasion, we’re introduced to our five protagonists Na’ima( Jemima Osunde), a tone-care expert who manages a gym and has wakefulness, Badriya( Norah Ego), an influencer in dire need of tone- love; Zainab( Ame Aiyejina), the security labor force of an Honourable Jemima( Ummi Baba Ahmed) who puts on a solid facade; Hanifa( Maryam Booth), an artist who hopes to break free from the clutches of her hubby; and Surrayah( Habiba Zock Sock), an herbalist still reeling from a failed marriage.

What started out as a typical day soon turns out to be filled with dramatic events when Na’ima wakes up from agony, Badriya gets cryptic dispatches from a secret girlfriend, Zainab gets caught up in a love web with her master’s son, Kassim( Caleb Richard), and Hanifa faces counterreaction from her hubby after proposing the idea of enrolling their youngish son at an academy.

The coming scenes follow the ladies as they struggle with changing blessings from within and from other people; one of them receives shocking exposures about her dream man; one confronts her hubby about her part as a stay-at-home mama; one dismisses the idea of chancing true love; and the last suffers from an internal breakdown.

The Upside

Beyond the Veil portrays a credible representation of womanish fellowship; it draws a fine line between going over the top and keeping effects as real as possible. While the focus is on the group of ladies, we’re made to root for the characters not only because of their intriguing stories but also because of their excrescencies.

This leads us to characterization, as it’s conspicuous that the ladies have different traits that considerably explain the motives behind the conduct they perform. On the morning of the series, there’s also hope for major character developments, drawing observers in to be a part of the trip.

The outstanding amusement performances delivered by the actors, especially Caleb Richard and Ame Aiyejina don’t take down from the beautiful decor that’s visually charming. The locales could be described as enchanting as they can impel a person to bespeak a one-way ticket to Abuja.

The Amazon Prime series also does a decent job of adroitly incorporating indigenous and Western rudiments. As mentioned before, Beyond the Veil takes a conservative approach as a fibber, reverberating with how effects do in the northern part of the country. But it also features Western rudiments like dialogue, its position, and its plot.

Another factor that makes the series watchable is that the costumes were relatively spectacular, giving a hint of a stopgap that if the directors ever decide to produce an apparel collection, it would have a readily available followership.

The Downside

This is another Nollywood series that falls victim to a dragging plot. There were gratuitous scenes that could have been fluently diced off in the editing room. A good illustration would be the request scene, which could have fluently been avoided as it offered no substantial effect on the plot’s progression.

There’s no disputing that the actors brought their A-game to the screen, but it’s not enough to make up for the dilettantish performances delivered by many of them. One of the protagonists failed to tap into her way in the way it was anticipated.

Incipiently, a lot was passing. The pen tried to concentrate on all the characters on each occasion, which accidentally shoved a lot of events in observers ’ faces. This made it hard to keep us up with each character’s story, causing a bit of confusion.

Movie Title: Beyond The Veil

Date of release: 3rd March 2023

Creators: Nadine Ibrahim and Sifa Asani Gowon

Runtime: 41 Minutes

Cast: Jemima Osunde, Maryam Booth, Norah Ego, Ummi Baba Ahmed, Ame Aiyejina, Norbert Young, Habiba Zock-Sock, Yakubu Mohammed, Rikadawa Rabiu, and Caleb Richard.

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