Mr Joe Biden

Mr Joe Biden: We’re at war With the Covid-19 Virus not Each Other.


Mr Joe Biden said Americans were at war with coronavirus, not each other. President-elect has called for an end to the grim season of division as the country faces a long hard winter with Covid-19.

Mr Joe Biden

On Tuesday, The United States saw more than 1.2 million cases last week with 2,200 deaths. The highest number since late May. However, President Donald Trump begs supporters to work to change the result of the 3rd November election. He keeps repeating false claims about widespread electoral fraud.


President-elect won the 2020 election with a comfortable victory in electoral college votes. The transition to his presidency is already underway.

So far, so good, Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election result in important states in courts have failed. China’s President Xi Jinping sent a message congratulating Mr Joe Biden on Wednesday.

So many world leaders have not still reached out to Mr. Biden to congratulate him until the electoral process in the United States ends.

Mr Joe Biden: We Can Beat This Covid-19 Virus

Mr Joe Biden, President-Elect told the nation that they have to slow the growth of the Covid-19 virus. They all owe it to the doctors and the nurses and also the frontline workers.

Covid-19 has brought pain and loss, frustration. and also cost many lives. The virus has divided people against one another, but they need to remember that they are at war with the virus, not one another.

Meanwhile, Mr Joe Biden’s elect begs Americans to change their Thanksgiving celebrations. A lot of Americans are traveling to be with their loved ones despite warnings from health officials.

Although, President-elect has vowed that in due course, the pandemic would be beaten. The Thanksgiving holiday comes as new cases of the virus continue to increase in the United State.

More than 260,000 Americans have died from the virus, the largest number of any country in the world. Mr Biden urged people to give up high-risk holiday traditions, as cases of the virus continue to increase in the United State.

What is Happening With the Transition?

Mr Preisdent, Donald Trump has finally accepted to allow the formal transition process to start on Monday, after three weeks of the 2020 presidential election. But has not accepted defeat

All well and good, Mr Joe Biden can now have access to key government officials and millions of dollars in funds as he makes ready to take over office from Donald Trump on January 20, 2021. Not just this, Mr Joe Biden will also receive the Presidential Daily Brief, an update on international threats and developments.

Mr Joe Biden promised that his administration would work to tackle the Covid-19 virus and see it come to an end.

What Legal Challenges is Donald Trump planning?

Mr Joe  Biden has been announced president-elect, but President Donal Trump is challenging the result in some key states claiming electoral fraud.


Now, Mr. Donald Trump has been dealt a series of legal blows. Mr. Biden has called the country to unite and work together to defeat Covid-19 in a powerful thanksgiving speech. This year, Mr Joe Biden urges Americans to give up so many traditions to avoid the rise of the virus being spread.

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