MyUs Shipping Review and How to Signup


Do you know what my MyUs Shipping is all about? If no then stay glued to this article. Here you will get full gist on what MyUs is all about and what service they offer. Then is left for you decide if you will use their service or not. What is MyUs? MyUs offer a Shipping service, it’s USA paid tax free shopping address, this permit user to Shop goods from any US online store.

MyUsThen any item purchased on any US online store can be be ship to any part of the world. MyUS is a free sites where one can get a US address for anything you will like to shop/ purchase . Their is a premium package which grant you full access to their paid feature.

MyUs users get Good customer service, Members Plan, Dashboard Easy to operate, iOS app, Android app etc. It secures a very low shipping rate and they partners with delivery company such as DHL, FedEx, and much more.

This Shipping company is very reliable and their delivery service is fast. From Start, MyUs company was first established for the purpose of delivering mails and catalogs. As time goes on they grew into shipping channel for buyers/ shoppers who purchased items from US stores. For years now shoppers around the globe get trust in this Shipping company. Their goal is to provide fast and convenient ways for shoppers to shop online and the items will be shipped to your Doorstep or Location. This company have really made shopping and shipping so easy and convenient for many users across the globe. To use this service you need to create an account/ signup.

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All You Need to Get Started

Are you new on the site and you don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry we got you covered.

All you ever need to use their service is to create an account which is extremely easy. Afterward, you will be given MyUS address. Why do i need a US address? If you aren’t a US citizen and your are from another country, one can shop at US stores to get tons discounts. And when purchasing/ shopping from the US online store, you will be required to enter the MyUS address given to you, as your shipping address, when checking out you orders. They will get the order/ item on your behalf and it will be shipped to your location. Note: You will be told to download the company shopping extension before getting started. This company shipped to any country across the globe.

MyUs Shipping Sign Up

To signup is very easy and straightforward, kindly follow the below step by step guide to signup.

  • Kindly launch your Web browser and visit the official platform of MyUs at
  • Then click on the signuplink, choose a plan that’s you think is right for You. MyUS Membership means you have a valid account with the company. Navigate through the page, then select your plan.
  • Fill in the required information correctly such as Personal Details, the hit the next button.
  • Input your Email Address
  • You will be provided a new form, here you will have to enter your Card details and click on the next link.
  • Kindly follow the onscreen instructions to finish up the sign up process.
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Above is a short guide on how to create MyUs account.