Napflix Movie Streaming Platform: A Netflix’s Alternative


Lets have a small gist on Napflix Movie Streaming Platform. Have you ever wondered why you don’t fall asleep after a long day of watching movies on Netflix?. Well, it is because movies on Netflix are always interesting and amazing.


But health-wise, this isn’t good for the human body at all. As a result, it was created. According to research, watching your screen just before you go to bed does not allow your body to produce the right amount of hormones required to sleep, thereby causing you to suffer from insomnia.


Why? ,” Your electronics emit a blue hue that imitates daylight..” said Pete bills ( Vice-chairman of The Better Sleep Council). Apart from you getting insomnia, not having enough sleep can make you gain some weight. So you better start watching some boring videos on Napflix.

What is Napflix?

Napflix is a streaming video platform like Netflix but with silent and relaxing content aimed at luring you to bed. Napflix contents contain blue light filters that help the brain to relax. Isn’t this amazing? It is right.

It’s a good remedy for those suffering from insomnia. According to one of its co-founder, Victor Gutierrez de Tena, “the idea is to make entertainment boring”.

He said, “It could be the kind of things that remind us of our childhood, like post-lunch classes and TV serials we watched after meals which just went on and on, ones where you wouldn’t lose the plot if you fell asleep,”.

In all don’t expect to see something exciting while watching Napflix. Just like Netflix, Napflix created its original, SUBWAY which consists of a rail journey between Canal St. and Coney Island in New York’.

 How do I get Napflix

We all know Netflix has an app  and also a responsive website. But Napflix isn’t an app. All you need to do is to go to Napflix’s official website, (, select from its ten categories when you tap on the MENU.

Select the most suitable content that will help you have a goodnight rest. Click on play to start your journey to dreamland. It also offers a timer function for 10,20 or 30mins.

In conclusion, one amazing thing about the platform according to Victor (co-founder of Napflix) is that you don’t get to lose the content’s plot while sleeping.


So if you were watching a documentary about a tropical beach with white sand and palm trees, you might just see yourself on that beach in your sleep.

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