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Netflix Comedy Shows & Movies To Watch Now

Netflix is well-known for its seemingly unlimited selection of films and television shows. But one genre in which it appears to excel is comedy.

Netflix has something for everyone, from all-time favorites like Friends and Peep Show to original programming like the goofy comedic show I Think You Should Leave and the surprisingly adult adolescent animation Big Mouth.

Sex Education is unquestionably the main comedy of the moment, with specific characters’ pairings sending the internet into a frenzy. However fellow high school comedy On My Block also premiered a well-received new season.


Meanwhile, the comedy industry recently mourned the passing of outstanding US comic Norm MacDonald. And much of his excellent work is available on Netflix, including the 2018 chat show Norm MacDonald has a show.

Check out our list of Netflix’s top comedy movies & series below, and for more from the streaming service, check out our guides to the best Netflix series and movies.

On My Block

Netflix Comedy

Although the teen comedy-drama is not a new concept, On My Block manages to keep things fresh and intriguing with its diverse cast, irrepressible energy, and topical examination of social concerns. On My Block follows Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar as their lifelong relationship is put to strain as they begin high school in the impoverished Los Angeles neighborhood of Freeride, chronicling the highs, lows, and emotions associated with adolescence in the inner city.

On My Block has received critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of inner-city life, highlighting all-too-real themes such as gang culture, crime, and violence, as well as the detrimental effects they have on marginalized communities in particular. However, the program is not all doom and gloom; it is keen to demonstrate how enjoyable adolescence can be, filled with crazy comedy and spot-on performances from the ensemble, who infuses each episode with contagious energy. On My Block, however, will be remembered for its vivid depiction of adolescent friendship — how it can be tested by real-world difficulties, how people may drift apart, and how priceless good times with your schoolmates can be. Daniel Furn –

Norm MacDonald Has a Show,

Netflix Comedy

Norm MacDonald, a beloved American comic, died recently at the age of 61, and if you’d want to pay tribute to him by watching some of his work, you may view his 2018 talk show Norm MacDonald Has A Show on Netflix. The former Saturday Night Live comic interviewed a variety of guests — from David Letterman to Jane Fonda – in his trademark eccentric style, and the series is a must-see for any lovers of his work, complete with running jokes.

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Additionally, if you enjoyed that, Macdonald’s 2017 comedy special Hitler’s Dog, Gossip, and Trickery is available on the streamer, containing more of his typical deadpan insights. — Cremona, Patrick

Good Girls

Netflix Comedy

Criminally overlooked, Good Girls has only lately begun to garner the critical accolades it deserves following years of rating struggles in the United States. The comedy depicts three suburban mothers who are trying to make ends meet and plan to rob the local store. However, the successful robbery attracts the attention of others – and the women are soon drawn further into the world of crime, where they will need each other to escape.

Good Girls, a cross between Desperate Housewives and Widows, may not have the most plausible plot – but this is more than compensated for by the three starring ladies’ outstanding performances: Mad Men’s Chistina Hendricks, Park and Rec’s Retta, and Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman. By cherry-picking the best moments from family sitcoms and crime capers, the show never loses sight of the women’s true identities — frantic mothers doing their best to make ends meet. The fourth and final season of The Walking Dead is now available on Netflix — and the program is so addicting that you might just watch it all in one sitting. Daniel Furn –

Frankie & Grace

Netflix Comedy

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, now in their 80s, continue to make us laugh in Grace & Frankie, the feel-good Netflix comedy produced by Friends producer Marta Kauffman.

The award-winning duo star Grace and Frankie, two women who are taken aback when their husbands, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, reveal their infatuation with one another and their intention to marry. While Grace (Fonda) is an uptight, martini-sipping cosmetics entrepreneur and Frankie (Tomlin) is a free-spirited artist, the two become unexpected friends after being forced to share their families’ beach property.

Grace & Frankie is a lighthearted, loving caper comedy with a star-studded cast (Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael, Ethan Embry, and Baron Vaughn) and wonderful chemistry between Fonda and Tomlin. It was so popular that it spawned its own Saturday Night Live tribute. Daniel Furn –

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Netflix Comedy

With Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have created two of the finest British comedies of the twenty-first century, but they started with this brilliant sitcom. The show, written by Pegg and Jessica Hynes (then Stephenson), follows comic book artist Tim (Pegg) and aspiring writer Daisy (Hynes) as they attempt to pose as a couple in order to obtain a lower rent, which results in all manner of mishaps over the course of two seasons.

Throughout the 12 episodes, there are some truly memorable supporting performances from the likes of Nick Frost, Mark Heap, and Julia Deakin, an encyclopedia’s worth of film references and homages, and a steady supply of laugh-out-loud jokes – all of which distinguish this as one of the finest British sitcoms of its era. — Cremona, Patrick

Hot Fuzz

Netflix Comedy

After the success of Spaced, this comic classic reunited the award-winning team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost for a very British satire of buddy police action films. Pegg portrays Nicholas Angel, a brilliant Met police officer sent to the tranquil village of Sandford. However, a series of brutal killings quickly shock the community — which is concealing a sinister secret…

Shaun of the Dead may have been Pegg and co.’s Hollywood breakthrough, but despite the genre shift, their follow-up is just as amusing, if not more so, as the film’s numerous twists and turns provide a genuinely intriguing mystery. Wright’s trademark rapid-fire editing is also on full display here, with gags coming thick and fast even during the film’s climactic and extremely unorthodox firefight.

Following the popularity of Shaun of the Dead, a slew of A-Listers lined up to portray plausible suspects, including Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Olivia Colman, and David Bradley. Wright’s regular collaborators, however, have not been overlooked – Bill Bailey, Bill Nighy, and Spaced’s Julia Deakin all make appearances. Daniel Furn –


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