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Netflix – the Order of Things (2022) Movie Review: Is it worth your time?

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The Order of Things is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but the comedy falls flat, the love is hard to find, and numerous scenes are gratuitous.

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For his youngish family to marry the girl of his dreams, a 35- time-old offish videotape game inventor embarks on a series of dates to find his true love and fulfill his mama’s wishes. This is the order of things.

The Order of Things Cast

  • Hadiza Di’ja Blell- Olo – Raven
  • Lilian Afegbai
  • Toyin Lawani
  • Gloria Eberechi
  • Dorathy Bachor
  • Seyi Awolowo
  • Maria Chike Agueze
  • Iremide Adeoye
  • Obi Maduegbuna – Demi
  • Sandra Okunzuwa – Tayo
  • Timini Egbuson – Tunde
  • Adeyela ‘ Lizzy Jay ’ Adebola
  • Tope Olowoniyan – Sophia
  • Charles Inojie – Pato
  • Binta Ayo Mogaji – Mama
  • Ademola Adedoyin
  • Lateef Adedimeji – Larry


  • Directed by Sidney Esiri
  • Written by Mike Shelton

The Plot

Using flashbacks, we’re introduced to two sisters, Demi( Obi Maduegbuna) and Tunde( Timini Egbuson). While Tunde is the ambitious bone who has his life planned out, Demi is relatively incurious about the direction his life is heading. Both sisters ’ views put them on contrary sides of the fiscal diapason, with Tunde being successful and Demi being an aspiring gamer creator still living with his mama ( Binta Ayo Mogaji).

During a regale date, Tunde proposes to his gal, Sophia( Tope Olowoniyan). His mama warns him not to go through with the marriage as he must stay for his elder family to get wedded. This launches Tunde into a series of conduct, including a visit to a matchmaker( Lateef Adedimeji) to hook his family up with an implicit woman.

The attempts prove futile, as Demi’s erraticism is a turnoff for the utmost of the ladies he meets. Fortunately, a beautiful girl called Maria( Lilian Afegbai) comes into his life. Before meeting Maria, Demi had established a romantic connection with Tope( Sandra Okunzuwa), a lady who held the same features as him.

Demi’s connection with Tope comes to a halt when she shows up at his house and sees Maria there, publicizing she’s Demi’s fiancé. We latterly learn that Sophia paid Maria to be with Demi, which surprises the entire family.

The days rolled back, and Demi ultimately discovered Tayo’s position and hooked up with Tunde. In a twist of events, he meets his mama and Sophie with Tope, who’s about to make a life-changing decision.

The Review

This movie is what you tag a true time spendthrift; it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy set against an unsupported tradition, but the comedy falls flat, the love is hard to find, and a lot of the scenes are gratuitous.

The cast has some good actors, but the quality of the script makes them look unskillful and lacking in skill. The dialogue is watery and sounds like the actors are simply reading scripts. In this movie, Timini is particularly crummy. I’ve always felt he holds back in his amusement, and this confirms my proposition. maybe, he needs some acting classes.

Tope Olowoniyan does a good job, but if the other actors don’t pull their weights, there’s little she can do. I’m shocked that Binta Ayo Mogaji gives us this type of performance in this movie. She’s an expert after all, and this doesn’t do her profile any good.

A lot of the goods employed in the movie are designed to have uproarious effects, but they simply make the movie indeed more ridiculous. The Order of things is a complete waste of time and Sidney Esiri should go back to music or embrace the medical profession that he trained for.

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