Playmobil Movie Review, Cast and Production


Playmobil is an action/ Computer-animated adventure comedy film based on the German building toy Playmobil. The Movie was directed by Lino DiSalvo written by Greg Erb & Jason Oremland after an initial draft had been done by Blaise Hemingway. While it was produced by On Animation Studios. The Movie stars the voices of Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman, Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Gaffigan, as well as Adam Lambert. The release date of the movie is  Nov 22, 2019.

Playmobil Storyline

Playmobil more than just another animated movie because of the well-crafted storyline. The story is about Marla was forced to leave her structured life and to go on a journey because her younger brother Charlie had disappeared into the vast and marvelous animated world of Playmobil.

Playmobil Cast

  • Anya Taylor-Joy    as  Marla (voice)
  • Daniel Radcliffe     as  Rex Dasher (voice)
  • Gabriel Bateman   as  Charlie (voice)
  • Kenan Thompson   as Bloodbones (voice)
  • Jim Gaffigan          as  Del (voice)
  • Adam Lambert       as  Emperor Maximus (voice)
  • Cindy Robinson      as  Nola (voice)
  • Ben Diskin             as  Seadog (voice)
  • Karen Strassman    as  (voice)
  • Kirk Thornton         as  Ook-Ook (voice)
  • Meghan Trainor      as  Keith Silverstein
  • Lino DiSalvo          as  Robotron
  • Christopher Corey Smith  as Western Outlaw (voice)
  • Christopher Corey Smith   as  Dogsled Driver (voice)
  • Keith Silverstein               as  (voice)
  • Annakin Slayd                  as  Cop
  • Maddie Taylor                   as  Glinara (voice)
  • Kellen Goff                        as  Salty (voice)
  • Dino Andrade                   as  Scurvy Pete (voice)
  • Andrew Pifko                    as  S.K.U.L.L. scientist (voice)
  • Harry Standjofski              as  (voice)
  •  Paloma Rodriguez            as  Valera (voice)
  • Mariah Inger                     as (voice)
  • Ryan S. Hil                       as 6 Year Old Charlie (voice)
  • Tito Ortiz                          as  Royal Guard (voice)
  • Paul Hurwitz                      as Running Guard


An animated feature movie titled Playmobil Robbers, Thieves & Rebels, produced by On Entertainment, Wild Bunch and Pathé was originally expected to be released at the end of 2017.


The film originally involved Bob Persichetti as director and also as a screenwriter. The Movie is the first of the trilogy series.

 February 9, 2016, Lino DiSalvo came on board to direct the $75 million budgeted film, replacing Persichetti. May 12, 2016, Open Road Films acquired the US rights to the film. This movie marks the start of DiSalvo’s directorial career after 17 years at Disney Animation.


  • Moritz Borman    producer
  • Timothy Burrill    co-producer
  • Lino DiSalvo       executive producer
  • Greg Erb            executive producer
  • Olivier Glaas       executive producer: live action
  • Tito Ortiz            executive produce

Playmobil Trailer


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