President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is closing the campaign by telling America to ‘drop dead’


President Donald Trump is closing the campaign by telling America to ‘drop dead’. President Donald Trump is still making claims that America has “rounded the corner” on the covid-19 pandemic. Even as infections over the weekend rushed to take down highs.

President Donald Trump

Paul Begala, the political analyst of CNN also disputed that the attempt of President Donald Trump to act like the coronavirus pandemic is not an issue again were falling already. And he also mentioned that seniors especially were going away from the president.


Paul Begala’s comment on the action of President Donald Trump

The political analyst of CNN, Paul Begala also cut up Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff. For claiming that the administration is not even putting efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is what he said:

“That interview with Mark Meadows, the headline today should be, ‘Trump to nation: Drop dead'”. “I have to say that it is not a very good message to voters eight days before an election”.

Mark McKinnon, the former GOP strategist also shared the assessment of Paul Begala. And he as well asserted that the coronavirus pandemic is now running through at an inconvenient time for President Donald Trump.

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Mark McKinnon shared Paul Begala’s assessment

Below is Paul Begala’s assessment by Mack McKinnon:

“So I sat down with Paul Begala in February… and said, ‘Paul, what would be the best thing that could happen to you and the Democratic Party in this election?” Mark McKinnon remembered. “He would say, first of all, we nominate a very centrist familiar guy that people know well, Joe Biden.

Second, we would have the incumbent president of the United States to be a victim of the very health crisis that’s badly managing. Three, a week out from the election, it would be spiking everywhere and four, you’d have the chief of staff saying basically we can’t do anything about it”.



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