A Quiet Place Film/Movie Review


A Quiet Place was directed by John Krasinski and stars him and Emily Blunt and some terrific young actors who play a family trapped in a world that has been overrun by monster.

A Quiet Place 

They are easily attracted to sound by the slightest noise drawing them in. We spend 1hr 10min watching this family struggle to survive by staying completely silent. However, this is a nerve shelling thriller. Tense from the opening scene to the end.

Krasinski proves himself more than capable of director maximize the suspense by choosing what he focuses on. When he reviews things to the audience vs when he review thing to the character.


The scene with the creatures isn’t about the creature but about the Character. This isn’t just a monster movie. It’s a movie about the people, and they happen to be monsters looking around outside. All of the best ones focus on the character and it is about one family, struggling to survive. The movie is kind of like an odd combination of Tremors 1990 and 10 Cloverfield Lane. The best of those movies. the benefit from a talented cast in one concept taken to its extremes. From the opening scene, the stakes are established and treat is very real.

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However, it is obvious in the movie A quiet Place, that the slightest sound could result to death compared to some movies like the Tremors 1990, if you create noise on the ground, or make sudden vibration the monsters might after you, which the character also have a chance to escape the monster.

In the quiet place, if you make a noise, you are probably dead. So, there is this intense fear throughout the movie as this character use sign as a means of communication so that we can understand the story. John Krasinski and his actors excel at making the movie A quiet place memorable to the audience.

Favorite aspect of the Movie A Quiet Place.

Since the character are forced to live in this world full of monster, watching the character create a new way of life. Watching their new way of living instead of using plates, they might use a leather plate. They will play a board game, but they will use pieces of fabrics instead of metal pieces.


Most parts, they make valid choices. Often in horror films, you find yourself angry with the people on screen making the wrong choice. In here everyone seems to have a pretty good head on the shoulders. Having constructed a system on their farms that help tell and warn each other if something is wrong. You can watch movie trailer 1 and 2 HERE.

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