R Kelly cries in his first interview with CBS After Bail


R Kelly was born in Chicago in 1967. He is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Best known for his gospel-tinged vocals and highly sexualized lyrics. Lauded as the “King of R&B,” R Kelly won three Grammy Awards for his hit “step in the name of love,” and more hits than any male artist in 1990s

Legal Troubles

Kelly and Jay-Z released the combined album The Best of Both Worlds in 2002. Moreover, the record was overshadowed by Kelly’s alleged involvement in a sex scandal. A video reputedly showing Kelly having sex with an underage girl. The video was reported to the police by a journalist.

In June 2002, Kelly was accused with 21 counts of criminal acts related to child pornography in Illinois. In the following year in Florida, he was faced similar charges but were later dropped.


R Kelly was finally brought to court in May 2008. By this time, several of the charges against him had been dropped. after that, the young woman who allegedly appeared in the video refused to testify, and several of her family members stated that it was not her in the video. After several weeks of testimony, the jury concluded that Kelly was not guilty of all 14 counts against him.

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R Kelly Breaks Down in Tears in His First Interview with CBS Since Being Charge with Sexual Abuse

He was previously been accused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse on February 22, 2019. The victim sat down with CBS by interviewer Gayle King This Morning for his first interview since his sexual assault charges. The interview was televised on CBS in the early hour of Wednesday 6th, 2019.

R Kelly said the allegations are not true. He pointed straight to the camera saying it would be stupid of him to hold girls against their will. He said, ” forget the rumors, forget What you think about me, love me if you want to, hate me if you want but just use your wisdom,”. And then Kelly begins to cry saying “I didn’t do this stuff.


He pleaded not guilty and has now insisted his innocence on a live TV interview. Kelly is due for the court appearance by 8 March, if convicted, he could be sentenced for 70 years.









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