Rampage 2018 Movie and cast Review


Rampage movie is an American science fiction monster film. This movie was produced based on the video game by midway games. Rampage was directed by Brad Peyton and the major characters of the movie include Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris etc.


The movie is about a primatologist named Davis Okoye who team up with George. George is an extraordinarily intelligent gorilla that has been with Davis since birth. The tragedy of the movie starts when George got infected with mysterious gas that turns him into a monster.


Rampage was release on the 4th of April in the year 2018. Although, in the movie, other two animals were also turned into monsters that rage almost the entire place. But in this film, some people team up to find a solution to the people and animals that were infected with the virus. Rampage is a blockbuster movie, it is a very interesting movie. In this article, you will know more about the amazing movie stars and the cast so just glue to the site to know more.

Rampage 2018 Movie Cast

  • Dwayne John: He acted as Davis Okoye in the play, he is the head of anti-poaching unit and also a primatologist. Davis Okoye is a loner but later become friend with George a unique gorilla. Unfortunate for him the gorilla turns into a fearsome creature. In this movie, Davis meets up with a geneticist which makes it easier for them to secure an antidote for the mysterious infectious gas. At the end of this movie, he was able to save his best friend.
  • Naomie Harris: She played the role of Dr, Kath Caldwell, she is a genetic engineer that partner with Davis Okoye. In the movie, she helps Davis Okoye to get an antidote for the infected people and animals. She plays a  vital role in this movie.
  • Malin Akerman:  She acts the role of Claire Wyden and she is a villain in the film. Claire is the one that infected George and the other animals with the mysterious gas. She did it because of her love for money, Claire wants to use this infected animals as a means of income for her.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan: He is as Harvey Russell in Rampage movie, Harvey Russell is a government agent in the movie. Harvey works as an agent of OGA that is a government agency.
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The minor characters of Rampage

  • Jake Lacy: He played the attributes of Brett Wyden in the movie. Brett Wyden is the dimwit brother Claire. He played as a minor character in the movie and he acts like a coward brother of Claire” the villain”.
  • Joe Manganiello: He played the role of Burke in the movie. He is one of the people trying to stop the infected animals from destroying Chicago. Burke is also the leader of a private military group in this movie.
  • Marley Shelton: She acted as Dr. Kerry Atkins and she is a scientist and an astronaut in the movie.
  • P. J. Byrne: He is Nelson and Nelson is a scientist and good friend of Okoye.

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How to download the Rampage

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