Ready Player One Movie Review and cast


Ready player one movie is an adventure movie. The movie is an American movie, Steven Spielberg is the producer and director of the movie. The movie was written and act base on the cline’s novel that has the same title as the movie. The writers of the movie include Zak Penn and Ernest Cline, while the movie stars are  Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, and Ben Mendelsohn etc.

Ready Player One Movie Review and cast

The movie is set to be 2043 when much of humanity will escape the real world. In the year 2043, the world will now use the virtual reality software OASIS to engage in work and play. The movie is an interesting movie that you will like to watch due to the plot and characterization of this movie.

The movie is about teenager orphan wade watts that discovers the clue to the hidden game. This hidden game is the only access that will allow anybody to own the OASIS. The co-founder of OASIS is James Halliday and he is the one that announces this hidden game for the contestant. Ready one player is a unique film so stay with us to know more about the movie.


Ready player one movie cast

  • Tye Sheridan: He played the role of Wade Watts in the movie. He is the main protagonist of this film and also one of the high five. Wade watts is a hunter in the movie and he is also one of the contestants who want to win the quest by OASIS. His main objective of participating in the game is to enable him to leave the stacks. Is wade the winner of this game or not, we will find out in this amazing movie. Although, he was also known as Parzival in ready player one film.
  • Olivia Cooke: She acted as Samantha Cook in the play. Samantha is one of the high five and also a famous gunter. She works with various allies to make sure the OASIS is free and out of the hands of IOI. In the movie, wade loves her before they met but Samantha never allows wade to know she is also in love with him.
  • Ben Mendelsohn: He is Nolan Sorrento in this movie and the recently appointed CEO of Innovative Online Industries. In this movie, he wants to take full control over the OASIS. He also leads the Sixers which is an army of indentured servants in the OASIS. He played a major role in this movie and also one of the best actors in the film.
  • Lena Waithe: She is  Aech also called Helen Harris in the film. Helen is also a Gunter and one of the High Five. She is a friend of Wade and she is a man in the OASIS. Aech runs a garage in his free time so that he will be able to create and fix various vehicles.
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Minor Characters in ready player one movie

  • Simon Pegg: As Curator also knows as Ogden Morrow. He is a co-creator of the OASIS but later left the company due to some personal reasons. He shows concern about people that have developed an unhealthy dependency on the game.
  • Mark Rylance: He is Anorak also know to be James Halliday. He is a co-creator of the OASIS that died in the play. James includes an Easter Egg hidden in the OASIS and he promises to give OASIS to the winner of the game.
  • Philip Zhao: As Sho or Zhou, he is a Gunter and also one of the High Five, Zhou is eleven years old in reality.
  • Win Morisaki:  He is Known as Toshiro in the play and he is a Gunter and also one of the High Five.

How to download the movie


You can download the movie from any movie downloader site, just make sure there is an internet connection. Also, ensure you have enough storage on your phone. Enter the name of the movie and follow the onscreen information. You also have the access to click HERE to download the movie on your device. Click HERE to download the story for offline reading.