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Ronda Rousey reveals the struggles of her road to WrestleMania 34

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Still, the former UFC champion traces back to her bachelor party last July, If Ronda Rousey can pinpoint the exact moment when her healthy coyness with WWE began to feel like something more.

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Rousey, 31, wed UFC heavyweight Travis Browne on Aug. 25 in Hawaii, clearly did not have the most traditional final blowoff in mind before marriage when she picked up the phone to call WWE administrative vice chairman Paul” Triadic H” Levesque to plan her trip.

” I hit triadic H over and was like,’ It’s my bachelor, can me and the girls–‘ the Four Horsewomen’– come up and train at the( WWE Performance Center) for like a week, and also we’ll jump in the caravan and drive with the Cruise America back toL.A?'” Rousey told CBS Sports last week.

Ronda Rousey Early Years

Rousey went on to join her fellow Four Horsemen– best friends and former mixed martial trades training mates Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke– for a memorable trip to Orlando, Florida. It was a weekend made further fun by Baszler, an aspiring independent wrestler who had yet to subscribe to NXT, appearing in the Mae Young Classic event tapings on July 13- 14 for the WWE Network at Hard Full Sail University.

The courting between Rousey and WWE was apparent to indeed those watching on social media who were not privy to larger details. Indeed though the event wouldn’t be broadcast until the test days of August, WWE put out a videotape canvassing Rousey outside the arena just hours after it happen.

Those watching outside Full Sail Live began to blunder footage of Rousey, seated in the frontal row during Baszler’s matches, riding WWE’s own Four Horsemen– Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and BeckyLynch.However, she latterly took part in an offered confidentially staredown with faculty that went viral and further enterprise, If the red carpet experience was not enough to give Rousey a simulation of what being a WWE megastar might feel like.

Her Comments

” It was so different and we were just so agitated to be in there for every single second we were there,” Rousey said.” The further that I decided to learn about the assiduity, the further I was fully stunk by the bug by the end of the week.”

Nine months latterly, Rousey will make her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 34 on Sunday in New Orleans as part of a label platoon match with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The plot is an extension of Rousey’s memorable WrestleMania 31 appearance in 2015 contrary to The Rock, which came at the peak of her UFC stardom before a brace of knockout defeats stole her invincibility and passion.

Upon getting home, Rousey incontinently set up secret training sessions with WWE flyweight Brian Kendrick at Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Los Angeles. Her background in judo, including a 2008 Olympic citation order and the” millions of cascade” she had absorbed, proved to be a strong foundation for the physical pounding that would follow.

As accommodations with WWE soon followed, Rousey began transferring vids to Levesque detailing her progress.


” I’ll say that from the athletic viewpoint, I do not know that I have ever seen anybody pick it up briskly other than Kurt Angle,” Levesque told the CBS Sports” In This Corner” podcast.” She’s an amazing athlete with a ray of focus. When there’s a thing in front of her and something she wants to hit, she’s like a machine. You really have to tell her to stop because she’ll just keep going because she’s driven. And that is stupendous.”

Outside of some tone- reviews about her distance, footwork, and timing, Rousey hasn’t had important an issue with the physical side of the job. However, the tricky part has been transitioning from keeping her moves as disguised and effective as possible in judo to learning how to overemphasize them in WWE with as important impact and brutality as possible, If anything.

” Now, I am trying to learn how to work with notoriety rather than against them, to do something great together rather than doing commodity great in malignancy of each other,” Rousey said.

Wrestling Career

The hardest part has easily been exercising the microphone and appearing comfortable while cutting promos in front of a live crowd. It’s a position WWE has constantly thrust Rousey into on Raw in order to make the WrestleMania story and save the grand reveal of her first match.

The pressure of performing without a safety net is something Rousey anticipated. But having her” learning wind,” as she puts it, so intimately proved and critiqued hasn’t been easy, especially since utmost WWE stars are given time to perfect their craft on much further private stages.

” I suppose one of the most delicate effects is that I generally can not hear myself talk because it’s so loud,” Rousey said.” It’s not like an unrestricted movie set where you’re just speaking, where it’s like,’ Everyone is quiet! She’s talking!’ There you can concentrate. So it’s quite an experience to be suitable to speak while you can not hear the words coming out of your mouth, which is a lot more offsetting than you would suppose it is. They’re tutoring me good timing, which is letting people quiet down before I talk again.”

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